Hyperbole and a half brick

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hyperbole and a half brick

Lists That Contain Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry by David C. Robertson

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Published 25.12.2018

How to cut a brick in half lengthways - cut brick slips

If you have a brick or a pile of bricks, you may be thinking "bricks are really boring ." But you're wrong. There are probably a million ways to have.
David C. Robertson

Got Brick? Long Tee

We are exactly one month away from my birthday; I managed to prove someone wrong literally by quoting their own words back to them; and I spent my tax refunds and purchased a new laptop, whom I promptly named Dana. Downloading iTunes 12 onto Dana was really weird — like, where are my playlists? What the hell? Allie Brosh began blogging in , and her claim to fame were illustrations of events made in MS Paint or similar. The pictures were on the crudely-drawn side, but only due to the limits of technology. But those drawings perfectly encapsulated the energy underneath Ms.

I'd like to play truth or brick with my former best friend. She's a fucking liar! This should be fun. Why the hell are poor people always complaining? A brick can bring fun to everyone and does not discriminate.

The journal and its attendant comics detail the life—past and present—of its writer, in a surreal, sketchy style. The humor is random, the stories even more so, and the comics, sketchy as they are, somehow have a distinct appeal. Read it here. Or click the link above. Either works.

This work contains examples of:

XD This is awesome. I freak so easily. I have been impatiently waiting for a new blog post And if at all possible do this to scare off the bad people who will otherwise kill you because just when you THOUGHT no-one was watching they decided to sneak up and kill you. I get it now. Despite your inability to perform awesome feats of athleticism, you're still cool because you're hilarious.

Honestly, the plan seemed solid. Personally, I think the brick was a great idea. Perhaps not the most appropriate, but a great idea none the less. Looks like Monty may have to save the day. I love me too!

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  1. Saw a copy of the newly released Hyperbole and a Half book in the airport bookstore and immediately bought it even though it weighs the same as a brick and I don't mean the red brick bricks, but one of those giant fancy patio bricks you use to hold up your bookshelves before you are well off enough to buy real bookcases and would be an enormous pain to carry around, not only on the plane, but for the rest of our vacation.

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