Cloak and dagger first issue

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cloak and dagger first issue

Cloak and Dagger: Shadows and Light by Bill Mantlo

Collects Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #64, 69-70, 81-82, 94-96; Cloak and Dagger (1983) #1-4; Marvel Team-Up Annual #6; Marvel Fanfare (1982) #19; New Mutants (1983) #23-25.

Cloak and Dagger step out of the darkness and into the light! But will this pair of violent vigilantes be friends or foes for the spectacular Spider-Man? The young duos war on drugs will put crime bosses Silvermane and the Kingpin in their sights - and the wall-crawler will be stuck in the middle! Then follow Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen into their own uncanny adventures, and discover what set them on their dark path. Detective OReilly wants to arrest them, Father Delgado wants to reform them - but does anyone really understand them? Plus, after Spidey chaperones their fi rst meeting, Cloak and Dagger face a power struggle with the New Mutants!
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Stranded in Fantasy: Entry 104

Cloak (Tyrone "Ty" Johnson) and Dagger (Tandy Bowen) are a fictional superhero duo appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. They were created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Ed Hannigan, and first . Dagger was rendered blind in the first issue, and her struggles to deal with this new disability.
Bill Mantlo

Cloak and Dagger (1985) #1

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These partners once lived on the outskirts — as runaway teens they embraced vigilantism after their powers activated through experimental drugs. For years, Tyrone and Tandy waged a citywide war on organized crime and corporate greed. Their crusade has taken them across the globe, fighting alongside Spider-Man, The X-Men and even The Avengers, and though they've drifted apart, a dangerous threat from their past has resurfaced -- one that will force Cloak and Dagger to reunite and come to terms with the past they share! In their debut, Cloak and Dagger begin their mission to punish the criminals that had experimented on them. Can the Amazing Spider-Man prevent them from carrying out their deadly vengeance — and should he? With their activities now known to authorities, continuing their quest to eradicate all drug pushers has become more challenging.

Joseph and Holt will return to portray Cloak and Dagger in the third season of the television series Runaways in a crossover episode. He recounted, "They came in the night, when all was silent and my mind was blank. They came completely conceived as to their powers and attributes, their origin and motivation. They embodied between them all that fear and misery, hunger and longing that had haunted me on Ellis Island. Ed Hannigan , Mantlo's artist collaborator on Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man , recalled that he and Mantlo jointly came up with the characters' visual design: "Bill had a short page or two synopsis of the story that he showed me, and we discussed what the characters would look like.

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Ghost Rider also arrives, after following them through the portal. Demons attack the group while Mephisto explains how he manipulated Commander Thule. Mephisto senses Thanos summoning him, and leaves the battle. Ghost Rider puts Anna on his motorcycle, and instructs it to carry her back through the portal. The heroes continue to fight Mephisto's demons.

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