Quantum physics and advaita vedanta

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quantum physics and advaita vedanta

魅惑仕掛け甘い罠 [Miwaku Shikake - Amai Wana] by Yonezou Nekota

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The Story

Amami and Hachidori are your regular workers on a high-tech firm. Hachidori is the perfect image of the hard-working and demanding sexy boss and Amani is the perfect image of the hateful employee that wants to get back at his boss for being a tyrant.

Only that they aren’t.

Amami and Hachidori have history together, a very annoying past on Amami’s point of view.

And their history is about to get deeper and even more personal when Hachidori saves Amami of being molested by another man in the middle of the street. Will Amami be able to be grateful to a man he can barely respect?

The Analysis
Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader :)

I really enjoyed this title. It was short and funny, with the right amount of sexiness to it and a good dose of surprise in the plot. It could have been bigger, even for a short story and I really wanted to have seen Hachidori being a queen, but oh well. It was amusing anyway! Four stars :D

The narrative pace was fast and mainly from Amami’s point of view. Hachidori has his moments as well, more to the end, as a way of wrapping all the events of the title. It worked for me, but the plot left room for so much more, ugh!

Yes, the plot. It was surprisingly complicated for such a short story! I can’t complain much, Nekota-sensei did a good executing job and wrapped things up, but I wanted more. #spoiled

I seriously loved the characters on this manga. Amami was so clueless that it was funny. Usually, I tend to find this type of character rather bothersome, but not this time. Also, there is an interesting fact here: Amami leads the reader to understand that he used to be molested by older boys as a kid. As a result, he is extremely homophobic. I guess I can’t really blame him, but the way Nekota-sensei cures him is the best ;)

Hachidori also were a very different type of dominant protagonist. He’s obviously a top in bed matters, but still dresses up as a woman at a gay club. It’s a shame that Nekota-sensei didn’t draw him like that, because I can’t imagine this scene to save my life, haha!

Anyway, if you look for a quick and pleasant yaoi read, this title is totally for you!

Thanks so much for reading! <3
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Quantum Mechanics and Vedant

From Quantum Physics to Advaita Vedanta Metaphysics

The only physical significance of this vibration is that it is related to the probability of finding the physical particle within a given volume of physical space. Quantum mechanics is the physics of microscopic phenomena. Newtonian physics which is known as classical physics describes all natural phenomena in the scales observable by humans, namely the macroscopic world. But when we enter the world of atoms Newtonian mechanics breaks down. Atomic phenomena cannot be explained or understood in terms of laws of physics postulated by Isaac Newton. Physicists of the 20th century had to find new laws and postulates that could explain and predict atomic phenomena. This new physics which applies to small scales is known as Quantum Physics, or Quantum Mechanics.

One is part of the scientific tradition and the other in some ways is philosophy, some may even call it religion.
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Advaita for the 21st Century

Ramesam Vemuri — ]. What are the benefits of meditation on the mind? As we understand, mind is what the brain does. But as Neuroscience found out, the pulsing of the neurons as the brain acts has a feed forward and feed backward effect. The em field produced by the activity of the neurons affects the brain.

Advaita Vedanta is a theory in Indian philosophy, literaly translated as Non Duality. And the underlying entity that makes up both those things, and the forms the perception as well, is the same. The same entity, nameless, faceless, is responsible for all creation in this universe. On a spiritual level, it means me and you and anyone, are animated by the same spiritual energy. Sort of like that spiritual energy having multiple personality disorder.


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  1. With this proper understanding of the Schrodinger wave function, many further questions come to mind.

  2. On the surface Quantum Physics (QP) and Vedanta may look very different. One is part Part 1/4. By Jayant Kapatker. Quantum Physics · Advaita Vedanta.

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