Heaven and hell joke europe

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heaven and hell joke europe

Heaven and Hell in Western Art by Robert Hughes

The worst horrors of the 20th century derive from politics or science or both. This was not always the case. For a millennium & a half the worst horrors were theological. The fear of hell & the hope of heaven gave shape to some of the greatest achievements of the pictorial art of Europe.

On this eschatological basis, Australian-born critic Robert Hughes has compiled a catalogue of terrors & delights, drawn mainly from Italian, French, Spanish & Dutch masterworks. Humanity, it is clear, has found it considerably harder to envisage felicity than its opposite, & so the infernal regions have been illustrated in a highly spirited fashion.

The delineators of heaven, on the other hand, have found the place safe but dreary. The horrendous Hieronymus Bosch leads the field as a demonic painter; his surrealism still makes an indelible if no longer credible impression. The plates are plentiful, inclining in the heavenly to cool greens & blues, & in the infernal nightmares to somewhat hotter tones.

Hughes, who is also a poet, has written the text, which stands in its own right as a guided tour of the history & topography of the spiritual cosmos.
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Europe: Joey singing Heaven at Hell at iTunes Festival 2010


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Am on holiday with the family in London. At a very delicious Italian restaurant called Pappa Ciccia , there is a sign outside the basement toilets that carries a nice ode to what economists and others call complementarities:. I do not know how regularly Pappa Ciccia changes this message, but I will check back soon in case they have something good to say on market meltdowns or perhaps the ease of fraud. Read the joke in the picture! I first heard the joke at my commencement when our special speaker said it and everybody laughed out loud. It's a good one!

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Rowan Atkinson Toby the Devil - Welcome to Hell

View Full Version : A joke about Europe: heaven and hell. Sorry if this joke sounded like weird for Americans:cool::rolleyes: There was irony in it, maybe far-fetched :banghead: But this part is for cultural differences, no? This is a good joke, based on what certain people tend to do best. Very understandable for those of us who have been around the block a few times. French cooks - touted as world class! German-made automobiles - top notch! Now imagine a famous chef assigned to make your new car or an excellent mechanic put in the kitchen of your favorite eatery.

I first heard it attributed to Malcolm Forbes, but that may be unfair. It goes like this:. Europe has changed since the joke was first penned, so apologies to European chefs, auto mechanics, police, bankers, and of course, lovers. I share this because it reminds me of the upside-down nature of heaven and hell in America. In my view, heaven in America is where corporations focus on creating long term shareholder value, while being thoughtful stewards of the environment and the communities in which they operate. And governments, local, state and federal focus on representing the will of the people. So are we living in hell?

Help support our writers and keep our site ad-free. There is a joke that describes the European versions of heaven and hell. In heaven, the cooks are French, the police are British, the lovers are Italian and everything is organized by the Germans. In hell, the cooks are British, the police are French, the lovers are German and everything is organized by the Italians. Thus do pernicious national stereotypes persist. Yes, there are cultural differences… thankfully… and yes, they do have a broad tendency to make people behave in certain ways. In Germany, you have a meeting with a whole bunch of people arranged in a pretty rigid hierarchy and you make decisions.

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  1. Heaven in Europe is where. the English are the policemen. the French are the cooks. the German are the mechanics. the Italians are the lovers. and the Swiss.

  2. European heaven is where: All the soldiers are British, All the wine is French, All the cars are German, All the lovers are Italian, The weather.

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