Sex mom and god by frank schaeffer

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sex mom and god by frank schaeffer

Sex, Mom, and God: How the Bible’s Strange Take on Sex Led to Crazy Politics--and How I Learned to Love Women (and Jesus) Anyway by Frank Schaeffer

“A penetrating analysis of political extremism, with a moving and at times hilarious account of growing up in one of the Christian right’s most influential families. Few writers command Frank Schaeffer’s intimate understanding of right-wing radicalism, and even fewer are able to share their insight as entertainingly and with as much moral weight as he has in Sex, Mom, and God.”—Max Blumenthal, author of Republican Gomorrah
 “Mom was a much nicer person than her God. There are many biblical regulations about everything from beard-trimming to menstruating. Mom worked diligently to recast her personal-hygiene-obsessed God in the best light.” Alternating between laugh-out-loud scenes from his childhood and acidic ruminations on the present state of an America he and his famous fundamentalist parents helped create, bestselling author Frank Schaeffer asks what the Glenn Becks and the Rush Limbaughs and the paranoid fantasies of the “right-wing echo chamber” are really all about.
 Here’s a hint: sex.
 The unforgettable central character in Sex, Mom, and God is the author’s far-from-prudish evangelical mother, Edith, who sweetly but bizarrely provides startling juxtapositions of the religious and the sensual thoughout Schaeffer’s childhood. She was, says Frank Schaeffer, “the greatest illustration of the Divine beauty of Paradox I’ve encountered … a fundamentalist living a double life as a lover of beauty who broke all her own judgmental rules in favor of creativity.”
 Charlotte Gordon, the award-winning author of Mistress Bradstreet, calls Sex, Mom, and God “a tour de force . . . Sarah Palin, ‘The Family,’ Anne Hutchinson, adultery, abortion, homophobia, Uganda, Ronald Reagan, B. B. King, Billy Graham, Hugh Hefner—it’s all here. This is the kind of book I did not want to end.”
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Author Frank Scheaffer Sex, Mom & God on Visual Radio with Joe Viglione

The 5,plus emails and letters generated by my memoir Crazy for God about why I left a leadership position in the religious right made it clear that I still had questions to answer about my family's role in the rise of the American extremism, even violence. People liked the book but some people knew that I'd ducked some questions, like the fact we were responsible for the murder of several abortion providers. It takes a while to work up the courage to be honest and after I got Crazy for God off my chest I wanted to take another step and my gloves off before moving on.
Frank Schaeffer


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Thank you! This candid abandon extended to matters outside of sexuality as well. The author distinctly remembers Edith praising a God that foreknew and condoned the miscarriage of her first male child in favor of subsequently giving birth to Schaeffer. A consummate memoirist, Schaeffer fills the narrative with interesting anecdotes about his sex life, like a nervous first-time encounter with a French woman and the ice-girl he fashioned and attempted to mate with while growing up in the Swiss mission his parents founded. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again.

We shared stories and opinions, we grappled with complex issues, and we laughed -- at ourselves, at the world, and for the sheer joy of being happy together. Some friendships are wonderful because they have stood the test of time and have been freed from assumptions and preconceptions my friendship with Anne is like this , some relationships are wonderful because they are maturing, blossoming into the beauty of a life-long, life-giving association my friendship with Gene is like this , and some friendships are wonderful because they are new and promise the joy of discovery and an ever-growing sense of connectedness to the human family this would describe my friendship with Frank. For me, the meal we shared that night was infused with three kinds of wonderful. As we ate, Frank told us about his then forthcoming book, which, as he told it, was going to be about the twisted ways in which people like his mother understand sex and the Bible. Around that table, in the context of that meal's magic vibe, it sounded like it was going to be a most excellent and timely book. So it was with a tinge of trepidation that I opened my copy of Sex, Mom, and God. I was a little bit afraid that the book wouldn't live up to the meal.

Frank Schaeffer is an apostate, and apostates can be a lot of fun.
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