Sharny and julius meal plan

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sharny and julius meal plan

Fit, Healthy, Happy Kids by Sharny and Julius Kieser

If youve got children between the ages of 1 and 12, this book has been written for you. We are currently writing the companion book, called Fit, Healthy, Happy Teens, which will help all parents of the most difficult species - the teenager - to get them as healthy as possible. Teenagers are completely different to young children, so if you have a teenage kid, by all means read this book - but know that we are working on a translation for the hormone generation.

If you do have kids between the ages of 1 and 12, youll fall into one of two categories.

Your child is overweight and youre worried
If your child is already overweight, were going to outline a plan for you to turn your little cherub into a health and exercise fanatic. Dont be alarmed, most kids these days are overweight, the problem is that most parents dont do anything about it. You have! By buying and reading this book, you are in the small percentage of parents who take themselves and their kids seriously enough to be worthy of the title parent.

So sit back, relax; weve got your back.

You are worried that your child might become overweight
The world we live in is geared towards over consumption, everything and everybody wants your money, and to get it, they will seduce your innocent children. Fast food places give toys away with food so they can lure themselves a repeat customer.

Sounds a little harsh, but we’re sure you know what we mean. Marketing companies know that the people with the most influence in our lives are our children, couple that with a child’s exploratory innocence, and you can see why they put animals on candy packets.

We think its sad and disgusting that they would be allowed to abuse the innocence of children like that, but its the reality of the world we live in. If you dont actively teach your child about their environment, they will end up a victim of a marketing plan.

Prevention is much easier than cure, so I applaud you for wanting to get a good grip on your childs health well before anything adverse may happen. But be assured that what we are going to cover is not going to be hard. Theres no weird stuff in here, just a realistic game plan for making your precious child into a shining beacon of health.

Our goal as parents

In July 2014, we will have our 5th child and will hopefully have more. We love kids, and we know how great a responsibility it is to have another human being in our absolute care. Its a scary thing too, if you choose to see it that way.

A lot of people try to be the same as they were before kids. They fight vehemently to keep their social lives intact, often getting the kids babysat so they can go out and party. But when it comes to our kids, there is no us and them. The selfishness of youth is over; we have children to care for, to nurture and to keep safe.

Maybe were wrong, but we dont think about ourselves as individuals any more - for the next 18 years at least, we are a team. The Kieser team - we are our kids, our kids are us. With that said, we dont want to completely lose sight of the other important facet of our family, the love between husband and wife - so we created a purpose for ourselves as parents.

Our purpose is to keep our children safe, and equip them with all the tools possible to become independent adults, unhindered by anything and that they choose us as their friends.

We’d like to take a moment to explain this in a bit more detail.

Firstly, our purpose is to keep our kids safe. Not only from obvious dangers like cars, dangerous dogs and sticking a knife in the toaster, but also from being influenced by others - a far more subtle threat.
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FB LIVE Q&A with S&J Episode 9: SARAH, who lost 4 dress sizes on the Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum Program

I took my kids to Fit Mum's place for dinner and this is what happened

An Australian mother-of-six who lost 30 kilos to transform her own body has shared her simple tricks to weight loss success. Mum-of-six Sharny Kieser pictured after her own transformation shared her top diet tricks for busy mums. Sharny pictured before her transformation said she used to live a 'hollow and empty' existence. Since then, Sharny — and her husband Julius - have been advocates for healthy living — helping fellow mums and dads who are looking for a better way to live. Sharny advises busy mums to fill up on veggies for optimum weight loss. You can even use a lettuce leaf as a tortilla or large mushroom as a burger bun. Drinking enough water is one of Sharny's top tips for diet success.

Combined, they lost almost 30 kilograms, with Sharny losing In their final video, Sharny weighed in at The couple, who have six children, spoke to their audience about what their weight loss means to them.
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Step 6: Add Your Meals

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