Linear algebra and matrix theory

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linear algebra and matrix theory

Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory by Jimmie Gilbert

Intended for a serious first course or a second course in linear algebra, this book carries students beyond eigenvalues and eigenvectors to the classification of bilinear forms, normal matrices, spectral decompositions, the Jordan form, and sequences and series of matrices. The authors present the material from a structural point of view: fundamental algebraic properties of the entities involved are emphasized. The approach is particularly important because the mathematical systems encountered in linear algebra furnish a wealth of examples for the structures studied in more advanced courses. By taking a straight and smooth path to the heart of linear algebra, students will be able to make the transition from the intuitive developments of courses at a lower level to the more abstract treatments encountered later.
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Matrix Groups (Abstract Algebra)

MATH 5210 - Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory

Bulletin ExploreCourses. MATH Applied Matrix Theory Linear algebra for applications in science and engineering: orthogonality, projections, spectral theory for symmetric matrices, the singular value decomposition, the QR decomposition, least-squares, the condition number of a matrix, algorithms for solving linear systems. MATH offers a more theoretical treatment of linear algebra. The focus of MATH is on algorithms and concepts; the focus of EE is on a few linear algebra concepts, and many applications. Instructors: Candes, E. PI ; Taylor, C. PI ; Velcheva, K.

1st Edition

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