Brown and black go together

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brown and black go together

black is brown is tan by Arnold Adoff

Brown-skinned momma, the color of chocolate milk and coffee pumpkin pie, whose face gets ginger red when she puffs and yells the children into bed. White-skinned daddy, not white like milk or snow, lighter than brown, With pinks and tiny tans, whose face gets tomato red when he puffs and yells their children into bed. Children who are all the colors of the race, growing up happy in a house full of love. This is the way it is for them; this is the way they are, but the joy they feel extends to every reader of this book.

Black is brown is tan is a story poem about being, a beautiful true song about a family delighting in each other and in the good things of the earth.
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Miuccia Prada has a very strong opinion on whether you can wear black and brown together, like, 20 years strong.
Arnold Adoff

Can You Wear Black with Brown? Frugal Fashionista

Your mama always told you never to wear black with brown or white after Labor Day—but fashion rules are meant to be broken, right? Even fast-fashion spots like Zara are starting to roll out white boots for fall, so get on it! This fashion rule still has its fair share of subscribers, but let us make it clear: Navy and black look super-chic together. Street style pros know that anything goes when it comes to melding motifs florals with stripes! The trick? Same goes for rings: layer several in silver and gold that are both thick and thin.

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