Play fast and loose shakespeare

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play fast and loose shakespeare

Shakespeare Quotes by Bill Bryson

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Published 22.12.2018

Chef Anton - Fast and Loose Demonstration

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Rob Brydon reveals popular Shakespeare phrases in everyday use

Gone to be married! False blood to false blood join'd! Shall Lewis have Blanch, and Blanch those provinces? It is not so; thou hast misspoke, misheard: Be well advised, tell o'er thy tale again: It cannot be; thou dost but say 'tis so: I trust I may not trust thee; for thy word Is but the vain breath of a common man: Believe me, I do not believe thee, man; I have a king's oath to the contrary. What dost thou mean by shaking of thy head?

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This derives from an old deception or cheating game in which something that appears stuck fast easily becomes loose. It is nicely defined in James Halliwell's A dictionary of archaic and provincial words, obsolete phrases, proverbs and ancient customs, from the fourteenth century , A 14th century text from George Whetstone The right excellent historye of Promos and Cassandra , , which is one that Halliwell may well have been referring to, says:. The first known figurative use of the term is from Tottel's Miscellany , KING PHILIP: Heaven knows, they were besmear'd and over-stain'd With slaughter's pencil, where revenge did paint The fearful difference of incensed kings: And shall these hands, so lately purged of blood, So newly join'd in love, so strong in both, Unyoke this seizure and this kind regreet? Play fast and loose with faith?

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