Adam and hawwa family tree

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adam and hawwa family tree

Adam And Eve Quotes (69 quotes)

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Adam (as) - Arabic Prophet story - Islamic Cartoon - Islamic Videos - النبي آدم (عليه السلام)

Family Tree of Prophets

Islam provides us with the astonishing details of the creation of Adam [1]. Both Christian and Jewish traditions are remarkably similar yet importantly different to the Quran. So begins the story of Adam, the first man, the first human being. God created Adam from a handful of soil containing portions from all its varieties on Earth. Angels were sent to earth to collect the soil that was to become Adam.

It all began when Allah almighty told the angels that he would make a caretaker on Earth who would have the ability to think freely, reason and decide. The angels immediately sensed danger and questioned Allah's plan. Allah almighty reveals in the Holy Quran:. The angels were intelligent and obedient beings, made from light, whose only purpose was to obey Allah's command. They simply could not fathom why Allah would create a new being that could choose to rebel against the creator! Allah informed the angels that their knowledge was limited and that they would soon understand his divine plan.

Soil or Clay?

Muhammad & the Caliphates Family Tree

Before God created Adam, He ordered the archangels to bring seven handful of soil from Earth, in different colors, hence the different skin colors. But the earth sought the refuge of God, thus the earth will not be distorted. Only Azrail succeeded, due to seeking the refuge of God, for he did not return with empty hands like the other archangels before. Azrail took dust from different parts of the earth, so that his children might have different skin colors. Returning to the Qu'ran, when God informed the angels that he was going to put a successor on Earth, they questioned whether the human would cause bloodshed and damage, but He told them that He knew what they know not [8] and taught Adam the names and commanded him to call them. When the angels failed to call the names Adam called out the names.

Shamim begged her Grandmother to answer the second part of her question. How did we come onto this earth? All angels bowed down to him as commanded by Allah, but Satan did not do so. Now, Allah had already declared to the angels that Adam was created to act as Vicegerant of Allah on this earth. But for the time being, Adam and Hawwa were sent to heaven and there they lived happily for some time. They loved each other and they had everything they wanted.

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  1. In a Sunni Islamic version, Allah promises permits the Prophet Adam to marry one of the twin pairs with one of the pairs of Qabil with the beautiful-looking Iqlimiya, while the twin pairs of his sister named Abel and Layudha are less attractive.

  2. This chart is not created on my own, it is the same chart which is available on the internet on several websites.

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