George bernard shaw caesar and cleopatra

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george bernard shaw caesar and cleopatra

Caesar and Cleopatra by George Bernard Shaw

Cleopatra cant arrange a meeting with Caesar, so she rolls herself up in a large rug, and has herself delivered as a present. Security must have been really basic in those days.

There was a period when I was working for a boss who was never available during office hours. Either he wasnt there at all, or he was busy talking to someone else. People used to refer to the above episode quite frequently, and several of the female employees said they were considering having themselves delivered in rugs.

Id love to be able to say that one of them actually followed through on it, but as far as Im aware it never got beyond the planning stage. Pity!
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Caesar and Cleopatra - George Bernard Shaw

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Caesar and Cleopatra is a play written in by George Bernard Shaw that depicts a fictionalized account of the relationship between Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. It was first performed in a single staged reading at Newcastle upon Tyne on 15 March , to secure the copyright. The play has a prologue and an "Alternative to the Prologue". The prologue consists of the Egyptian god Ra addressing the audience directly, as if he could see them in the theater i. He says that Pompey represents the old Rome and Caesar represents the new Rome. The gods favored Caesar, according to Ra, because he "lived the life they had given him boldly".

A great radiance of silver fire, the dawn of a moonlit night, is rising in the east. The stars and the cloudless sky are our own contemporaries, nineteen and a half centuries younger than we know them; but you would not guess that from their appearance. Below them are two notable drawbacks of civilization: a palace, and soldiers. The palace, an old, low, Syrian building of whitened mud, is not so ugly as Buckingham Palace; and the officers in the courtyard are more highly civilized than modern English officers: for example, they do not dig up the corpses of their dead enemies and mutilate them, as we dug up Cromwell and the Mahdi. They are in two groups: one intent on the gambling of their captain Belzanor, a warrior of fifty, who, with his spear on the ground beside his knee, is stooping to throw dice with a sly-looking young Persian recruit; the other gathered about a guardsman who has just finished telling a naughty story still current in English barracks at which they are laughing uproariously.



she was clothed in strength

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