And i was all like pew pew pew

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and i was all like pew pew pew

Pew! Pew! - The Quest for More Pew! by M.D. Cooper

8 Comedic Space Opera Adventures of Space Monsters, Dashing Heroes, and a Healthy Dose of WTF!

Dodging Fate: Escape from my Fishwife - by Zen DiPietro

Charlie Kenny is that rarest of creatures--a redshirt who has left Earth to travel among the stars. Hes survived a bug attack, a tank-driving monkey outbreak, and the cold vacuum of space. But now he faces his biggest challenge: his accidental marriage to an Albacore woman, which leads to being pursued by loan sharks. Hell need all of Gretas luck and Pinkys muscle to avoid sleeping with the fishes.

Spellslinger - by Chris Fox

The Galaxy needs a Hero. Wesley isnt that guy

Wesley is a space archaeologist, the special breed of adventurer willing to brave strange worlds and forgotten nebulas in search of vanished civilizations. Unfortunately, hes also a coward. When he discovers the key to the greatest treasure ever discovered hell have to overcome his allergies, while accidentally saving the galaxy.

Crash - by James S. Aaron

Lets get ready to Crash! When young thug Ngoba Starl gets caught up in a plot to hack Cruithne Stations e-sports scene, hes going to make some friendly new acquaintances in organized crime who might blow his head off, throw him out an airlock, murder his friends. . . or maybe all three? Watch out for the mecha-dolphins, battle Corgis and drunken barbarians as they smash their way across Cruithnes underground in a Battle Royale that will leave the fans screaming for more and Starl running for his life. Crash on!

Trash Beings of the Galaxy, Unite! - by J.J. Green

Trash has become the new, lucrative weapon of warfare, and Jaquil Rarebit wants a piece of that action. He yearns to become a garbage mogul, but the sheltered tweenager finds hes bitten off more than he can chew when his internship with Trash Iz Uz morphs into a deadly battle for survival.

Can Jaquil ditch his dungarees, escape the clutches of shady corporate entities and find his place within the trash gang?

Miss Planet Earth - by S.E Anderson

Katra Zorento overslept the Milky Ways first ever Miss Universe pageant by 13,000 years. With her visa long since expired, she must return to the planet that once was Earth.... That is, of course, if dashing space pirates dont get in the way. Katras only allies are a mysterious assassin trapped in a 9 year olds body and a droid with memory issues. But if she survives this, she could win the most valuable crown in the universe...

The Gli+chover - by Drew Avera

After a devastatingly crushing, utterly suicidal, incredibly stupid trip to Europa, Ben returns to Earth embarrassed and defeated. But Earth isnt the home he left behind. In orbit, a mass of darkness looms threateningly, and it is the only thing standing between Ben and surviving.

For the Love of Llama - by TM Toombs

Commander Mia Cochran, relegated to garbage scow duty, is forced to blackmail her captain and commandeer his ship to locate and steal a psychoactive contraband. At stake is the life of Tefeau, the closest thing she has to family and one of the most deceitful beings Mia has ever met. She only has four solar days to save her erstwhile friends life--or land in the brig.

Delta Team: The Disknee World - by M. D. Cooper

Lashes has seen a lot of things, but nothing quite prepared her for The Disknee World. An entire planet of dwarves, pixies, talking bears, flying monkeys and a heck of a lot more.

But the Delta Team hasn’t flown thirty light years to The Disknee World just to go on some rides, or ogle the pretty fairies. No, they’re here to solve some mysterious disappearances—just as soon as they sort out what they’re going to use their Fusion Passes on.
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FUNnel V 🎵 DOWN WITH THE PEW (Official Music Video)

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Top definition. Banana Pew Pew unknown. Only the greatest game ever created. Created by Patrick Keough and Andrew Terenzi. Game of shooting friends, make your hand into the form of a gun.

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Pew Pew is an onomatopoeia commonly associated with the sound effect of laser-beam guns portrayed in popular sci-fi films, TV shows and videogames. In the realm of massively multi-player games, "pew pew" has become synonymous with the verb to own , a leetspeak term often used to indicate one's absolute dominance over another player. The earliest definition of the phrase "pew pew" appeared on Urban Dictionary in August :. In this context, "QQ" can be read as an emoticon indicating "sadness" due to its resemblance to a set of crying eyes, although its original meaning as defined in Urban Dictionary is considerably different. On March 1st, , Portland indie game developers Incredible Ape released a video clip demonstrating how to play their upcoming voice-activiated scroll shooting arcade game "PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew", which involves a team of two players using two microphones to control one jet-pack equipped shooting space-man.

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