Islamic stories about respecting parents

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islamic stories about respecting parents

LOVING OUR PARENTS by Abdul Malik Mujahid

Loving our Parents is a wonderful collection of stories from the lives of ordinary people on the rewards of treating our parents with honor and respect. It also has detailed and authentic accounts from both the Noble Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah on our duties and obligations to those who have sacrificed so much to raise and educate us. In addition, it provides clear warnings of the penalties from Allah Almighty in this world and the Hereafter for abusing and disrespecting our parents. This is an essential publication for those who want to know the Divine Injunctions on not only how to treat their mothers and fathers, but also their grandparents, close relatives and elders.
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Sixth Greater Sin: Āq al-Walidayn (Disobedience to parents)

When asked about the people who taught us the most, who were there for us through hardships, who laughed with us during the good times, who put up with us on our off days, most of us think immediately of our parents. And it is true: our parents are the ones who have been with us through almost everything in our lives. Our mothers carry us for nine grueling months before we are born, and for at least eighteen years afterwards, our parents, to list a few things, take care of us, teach us, help us, and provide for us financially and academically. Without them, most of us would not be in the places we are today. Unfortunately, however, many people do not treat their parents in the manner they deserve.

All religions and all societies have given parents an honorable status. From a purely material viewpoint, we find ourselves indebted to our parents, particularly our mother. She not only nourished us in her womb, but went through pain and suffering. She loved us even before we were born. She toiled when we were totally helpless infants. She spent sleepless nights caring for us. Our parents as a team provided for all our needs: physical, educational, psychological, and in many instances, religious, moral, and spiritual.

This page is devoted to short stories by Muslims and about Islamic themes. All rights are reserved to the authors. Inshallah, I hope you find these stories inspirational and enjoyable.
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These have already been quoted in the first chapter. The seriousness of disobedience to parents as a Greater sin can be gauged from the fact that the Holy Prophet S has mentioned it along with Shirk which is the greatest of all Greater sins, and unforgiveable. As Isa a. In the same Surah, both the father and mother of Hazrat Yahya a. Each of these negative qualities render one liable for severe punishment. Hell is before him and he shall be given to drink of festering water: He will drink it little by little and will not be able to swallow it agreeably, and death will come to him from every quarter, but he shall not die; and there shall be vehement chastisement before him. Abstain from angering the parents.

Islam is a religion of justice and compassion that teaches morality and forbids bad conduct in society. Special merits have been accorded to the elderly; they are treated with respect and dignity. Although death may take us at any age, parents are often elderly and as such require special care and attention. Even though the rigors of old age may cause parents to be demanding, impatient or petulant, a Muslim is still obligated to treat then with kindness and to look after them lovingly. God linked honoring parents to the command to believe in Him Alone. The Prophet replied:. The sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him abound with words of wisdom about the obligation to be dutiful and kind to parents.

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  1. Sixth Greater Sin: Āq al-Walidayn (Disobedience to parents) | Greater Sins, Volume 1 |

  2. Parents are to be treated well at all times, and The Almighty's blessings in having enabled you to do this virtuous act, be considered as a great asset in this world as well as in the Hereafter.

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