I know nothing about computers

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i know nothing about computers

Computers Quotes (218 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018

The IT Crowd - You know nothing about computers

Only my gmail is freezing up - I know nothing about computers, but it seems as t

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I am looking for a laptop for college, but I know absolutely nothing about computers at all. My plan was to go to Best Buy on Saturday to browse their selection and maybe ask someone who works their for some assistance. However it is probably safe to say that the dudes at Giant Bomb know more than the guy who works at Best Buy. This is the laptop that I was thinking about buying. I am not looking for a gaming laptop specifically but I do want to be able to run some games.

It's been almost 2 months that I started learning to program Java , but I feel that I know nearly nothing. Is it normal or is programming not for me? First of all, congratulations because you are trying! Secondly, It's completely normal to not get programming when you are doing it for the first time. I used to fail myself in computer science when I started learning to code. Coincidently, my first language was also Java. Why do we even need this?

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Should I Give Up Computer Science If I Find It Hard?

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  1. There had probably been a billion and one of these kinds of posts, and I'm on mobile so everything is just ten times worse, but I'd like some.

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  3. Read basic material as much as you can about the following topics: Neuroscience, neural networks, pattern recognition, gaming theories.

  4. There are actually a lot of good free online tutorials that will help you get started. A while back I went through the "Java Tutorial for Complete.

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