Questions about the holy spirit

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questions about the holy spirit

The How well do you know the Holy Spirit? quiz: 8 questions by Lesley Sears

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Published 11.12.2018

Question, Answer and book recommendations on the Holy Spirit

How would you like access to power? This power can change your life, give you things, protect you and even heal diseases! This power is from a source that is unlimited, a source that is generous and a source that truly has your best interest in mind.

Four Questions About Being Filled with the Holy Spirit- Part 2

Only the Son proceeds from the Father by generation. This is one of the mysterious truths that we know only from revelation. No one of the three divine Persons is outside the other, for none precedes the other in eternity, nor surpasses the other in power, nor exceeds the other in any way. This indwelling of one divine Person in the others is called circumincession. The Holy Spirit dwells in the Church as the source of its life and sanctifies souls through the gift of grace. The sanctification of mankind is attributed to the Holy Spirit because He is the love of the Father and the Son and because the sanctification of man by grace shows forth God's boundless love.

The metaphor of the Holy Spirit is among the most commonly used metaphors in the Course. Some common questions that involve the use of this idea follow here. Questioner: Is there a specific technique that you teach people on how to hear the Holy Spirit or have taught people in the past? Speaker: I would say not so much a specific technique in that the sense that the HS curriculum is so highly individualized. There are so many different meditation techniques, tools, and paths etc. I also studied many other paths and was pretty well read and very open minded about many pathways and teachers and techniques; but in the end it was ACIM that came to me.

Questions about the Holy Spirit: Who / what is the Holy Spirit? When / how do we receive the Holy Spirit? How does the Holy Spirit distribute spiritual gifts?.
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Answers to questions about the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is much too vast for anyone to have all the answers. The following are questions frequently asked. - The story is told which may be apocryphal that the great 19th century evangelist Dwight L.

In the first part we answered the following two questions. For the second we stated the primary purpose for being filled with the Spirit is to empower us for living the Christian life. That fact must govern our attitudes and opinions toward this subject. That being said, in this installment we biblically analyze two more key issues. Question 3 — How do we know if we are filled with the Holy Spirit? This is not such an easy question to answer.

Every day, more and more people turn to the Internet to find answers to their questions about spiritual matters. Topics related to spirituality are the second-most searched subjects online. In February of , www. Since our launch, we have personally answered over , questions that have been submitted to us. Each question is answered directly from the Bible, if the Bible specifically addresses the particular issue. Where the Bible is silent on an issue, biblical principles are used to lead to a solid and correct understanding.

This post is part of a series of articles asking and thinking deeply about hard questions. The Holy Spirit is one of the most controversial aspects within Christianity. Even great men disagree about the Holy Spirit, so I definitely do not claim to have a complete answer. However, this will not dissuade me from at least asking questions about Him. I want to do this with reverence and humility: there is much that I still have to learn about God and His Holy Spirit. I think the same goes for all of us, no matter how many degrees we acquire or how many years we spend studying the scriptures.

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