What was the bosnian war all about

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what was the bosnian war all about

Bosnian War Quotes (17 quotes)

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Bosnian War the Death of Yugoslavia History Channel Documentary

The Bosnian War and Srebrenica Genocide

In April , the government of the Yugoslav republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence from Yugoslavia. Over the next several years, Bosnian Serb forces, with the backing of the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army, perpetrated atrocious crimes against Bosniak Bosnian Muslim and Croatian civilians, resulting in the deaths of some , people 80 percent of them Bosniak by After the death of longtime Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito in , growing nationalism among the different Yugoslav republics threatened to split their union apart. This process intensified after the mids with the rise of the Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, who helped foment discontent between Serbians in Bosnia and Croatia and their Croatian, Bosniak and Albanian neighbors. In , Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia declared their independence.

Bosnian War , ethnically rooted war —95 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a former republic of Yugoslavia with a multiethnic population comprising Bosniaks Bosnian Muslims , Serbs , and Croats. During the next 20 years the Serb and Croat populations fell in absolute terms as many Serbs and Croats emigrated. In the census Muslims made up more than two-fifths of the Bosnian population, while Serbs made up slightly less than one-third and Croats one-sixth. From the mids the term Bosniak replaced Muslim as the name Bosnian Muslims use for themselves. In the s the rapid decline of the Yugoslav economy led to widespread public dissatisfaction with the political system.

Updated November 20, At its crux, the conflict was about territorial control over south-east Europe, a region of great ethnic and religious diversity formerly known as Yugoslavia. Mr Tito presided over a federation of six republics — Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia — and attempted to chart a political course unaligned to the power centres of Moscow and Washington. But he died in , and after communist regimes in eastern Europe fell a decade later, a period of great instability ensued for the people of Yugoslavia. In this power vacuum, Serbians sought to expand their political influence within the federation, led by the communist firebrand Slobodan Milosevic. Mr Milosevic wanted a centralised federation to consolidate Serbians' dominant position, while Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia sought more autonomy. After negotiations failed to reach an agreement on constitutional power-sharing arrangements, Slovenia and Croatia declared independence in June

The Bosnian War was an international armed conflict that took place in Bosnia and .. All of Bosnia was engulfed in war by mid-April. On 23 April, the JNA.
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Leighton W. Consequently, it represented mainly the Bosnian Muslims. Following a number of violent incidents in early , the war is commonly viewed as having started on 6 April The war ended on 14 December The main belligerents were the forces of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and those of the self-proclaimed Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Croat entities within Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and Herzeg-Bosnia , which were led and supplied by Serbia and Croatia , respectively. The war was part of the breakup of Yugoslavia. Following the Slovenian and Croatian secessions from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in , the multi-ethnic Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina — which was inhabited by mainly Muslim Bosniaks 44 percent , as well as Orthodox Serbs

The Bosnian War began in and lasted until , though the cause of the Bosnian War has roots in World War II and its impact is still being felt in The war led to the deaths of around , civilians and soldiers. It also spurred a genocide of at least 25, Bosnian Muslims, also called Bosniaks. Part-Croat and part-Slovene, Tito checked both separatism and ethnic nationalism with stiff jail sentences. Tito rebuilt Yugoslavia as a Communist federation of six equal republics, but ethnic conflict was never far from the surface.

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