Sayings about rain on your wedding day

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sayings about rain on your wedding day

Rainbow Quotes (161 quotes)

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Published 09.12.2018

Phyllis' Clichés for a Rainy Day - The Office US

Rain on your Wedding Day

Browsing through my twitter feed the other day I came across a tweet by wedding photographer Fiona Kelly. She said of all the weddings she has shot this season it had rained on all but one! But, how would you cope if it did rain on your wedding day? Picture the scene; the love of your life proposes to you in some fabulous way, down on one knee or whisking you to some picturesque little spot. So much to think about, so much to decide and plan. If, like many brides, you decide to opt for a spring or summer wedding your mind sends you down a little pathway at this point… Its a gorgeous sunny day, the birds are tweeting, there is a soft breeze stirring the lush green leaves on the trees.

Rain symbolizes fertility

Search Blogs and Vendors. Shopping Cart 0. After all, who in their right mind would tell a bride that rain is bad luck — especially as she stands ready to waltz down the aisle under an umbrella? No one! Many people have different opinions on whether rain on your wedding day symbolizes good luck or bad luck. Rain represents many things in different cultures — most of which include fertility, cleansing, unity, renewal, and tears. This belief came about since rain ultimately waters the ground and lends to fertility, thus allowing growth of plants and vegetation.

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