What is strawberry fields forever about

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what is strawberry fields forever about

Strawberry Fields Forever: John Lennon Remembered by Vic Garbarini

More insightful than I originally anticipated. It felt like an essay, using interviews and quotes rather than second-hand descriptions; which I preferred. I grew to respect Yoko Ono more as well and changed my perception of the Beatles break-up. I know how big John Lennon is/was, but there were still details of his impact that took me by surprise. The final interview in the book was the most interesting: John describes his conversion into a feminist and discusses his philosophy on creating and living.
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John Lennon - Strawberry Fields Demos (1966)

Originally intended for inclusion on the album, The Beatles instead decided to release the hits as a double a-side single in February
Vic Garbarini

Strawberry Fields Forever

With long waits between shooting scenes, Lennon had plenty of time to write. When he was a baby, his banjo-playing father Alf was rarely home and often away at sea as a merchant. Later, biographers would write that he had a hard time making friends. The history of Strawberry Field dates back to , when the property was owned by a wealthy English ship owner named George Warren. In , another wealthy ship magnate named Alexander C. Mitchell purchased the mansion and property. On July 7, , the home was opened as a orphanage for up to forty girls.

Additionally, each summer there would be a garden party held in the grounds, which he especially looked forward to. Through the lens of LSD, however, the song song turned from simple nostalgia into inward reflection. Lennon's self doubt came to the fore, at times clouded by inarticulacy and hallucinogenic sensations. He later described Strawberry Fields Forever, along with Help! They were the ones I really wrote from experience and not projecting myself into a situation and writing a nice story about it. Freed from the constraints of touring, in the latter months of The Beatles began a series of open-ended sessions at Abbey Road, with little regard to time and budget. Although it was to end up as a psychedelic masterpiece, Strawberry Fields Forever began relatively simply.



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  1. Housed in a sleek, modern, light-filled building, it is a stark contrast to the original Gothic mansion that stood there when Lennon was a young boy and would bunk over the wall to climb trees and play hide-and-seek in its garden.

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