What is the show the arrangement about

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what is the show the arrangement about

The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward

Volume 2 in the bestselling Arrangement Serials

Averys life is slipping between her fingers. Everything that she worked to achieve will be gone if she doesnt take this job. The idea of being a call girl doesnt appeal to Avery, but her first client does. Sean is too difficult to resist. This might be the opportunity to fix her finances and find love. She just has to have enough guts to go through with it.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 20,000 words each.
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‘The Arrangement’ Canceled By E! After Two Seasons

On April 13, , E! On May 29, , the series was cancelled after two seasons. Megan Morrison, a young actress, auditions to play the female lead in a high profile film opposite action star Kyle West. She meets Terrence Anderson, the leader of the Institute of the Higher Mind, a self-help organization. The show centers around the Hollywood actor and actress's relationship, and is an " 'amalgam' of stories inside Hollywood about arranged relationships against the backdrop of self-help programs". Some reviews suggest it was inspired by Scientology and the relationship between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. On September 11, , it was announced that Jacob Artist would recur during season two as a character named Wes Blaker.

Network: E! Episodes: 20 hour Seasons: Two. This drama series is, however, a Hollywood-set love story featuring the pitfalls of celebrity romance and the pressures self-improvement programs can impose upon them. He credits it for all of his success. These are three simple questions, which Megan is to answer with the first thoughts that come into her mind.

Sign in. While Megan comes to a decision about her relationship with Kyle, Kyle makes a move that could upend his entire life. Terence and DeAnn move forward with a plan that could change everything. Kyle and Megan take a trip to her hometown to officiate her best friend's wedding. Terrence takes time for reflection after a blowup with Kyle. DeAnn is inspired by Annika to take more risks in her

E! has opted not to pick up a third season of its original scripted series The Arrangement. The show's recent May 13 Season 2 finale served as.
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Now in its second season, E! The show is not advertised as being based on it in any way, but what does the Church of Scientology think of The Arrangement? Shortly after the show's premiere, The Washington Post 's Bethonie Butler wrote in a review that this institute was "clearly meant to evoke Scientology," and claimed Kyle and Megan's complicated love story was a "thinly-veiled spin" on rumors surrounding Cruise and Holmes' real-life relationship. However, it appears that the church hasn't issued a statement regarding the show. This may stem from the fact that the cast and showrunners have been very conscious not to draw any specific comparisons between the real belief system and the fictional "Institute Of The Higher Mind. We weren't working our way towards a couch-jumping," he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter , referencing Cruise's infamous joyful leap onto Oprah's couch during a conversation about Holmes.

If you counted down the days until Going Clear aired or watched every episode of Leah Remini's takedown of Scientology, then you will likely fall into the void that is The Arrangement. Truthfully, I was hesitant to watch E! The Arrangement - which premiered in - follows the relationship between aspiring actress Megan Morrison Christine Evangelista and Hollywood superstar Kyle West as Megan enters a contract marriage with him. As Megan - a very mediocre actress - gets more involved with Kyle, she is also coerced into making IHM a part of her life. The combination of allusions to Scientology and Ashlee Simpson's ex-boyfriend Henderson from her MTV reality series was enough to get me hooked. Before the show premiered last March, rumours circulated that The Arrangement was actually inspired by Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's marriage.

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  1. The Arrangement is an American drama television series created by Jonathan Abrahams which The show centers around the Hollywood actor and actress's relationship, and is an "'amalgam' of stories inside Hollywood about arranged.

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