Poems about traveling through life

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poems about traveling through life

Journey through the Power of the Rainbow Quotes by Aberjhani

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The Dream Of Life - Alan Watts

Journey Of Life - Poem by Joseph T. Renaldi

For the wealthy and famous and the stranger to fame The journey through life it will end much the same For everyone born there is a last day The clock on our lives it keeps ticking away. On everyone in the World a use by date And death for us all is a certain fate And if you are World famous or one without a friend It all amounts to nothing when it comes to the end. Celebrities live and celebrities die In that way they are not any different to you or to i If in a hereafter so many believe Then why for their dead do they bother to grieve? To the wealthy and famous and the poor refugee Death comes to all as to you and to me Like the fruits of the Autumn when ripe they must fall The journey through life it must end for us all. Share this page:. Autoplay next video. The Journey Through Life.

Browse through to read poems for journey. This page has the widest range of journey love and quotes. Read The Journey Through Life poem.
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My Favorite Travel Inspiring Quotes & Poems

A Collection of Poems takes us through the power of the human mind, good or bad, and its impact on one's direction and journey through life. With the help of music, writing, and positive thinking, author Cheryl Williams found hope and purpose in life. Life isn't fair. It is unpredictable, bad things happen to good people, and we never know what tomorrow holds. Cheryl wants her readers to realize that even when faced with insurmountable, hopeless situations, even when life seems dark and uncertain, we should never let go of hope and appreciate the beauty and blessings that life has to offer, making the most of every day, loving, living, laughing, and learning. Seasons change, and there is always a rainbow after the storms of life.

Take a poetry road trip across the United States and abroad with this curated collection of poems about vacation and travel, videos on poetic trips and poets abroad, poetry landmarks, walking tours, featured poetry books for literary travelers, and postcards from poets on summer vacations. Vincent Millay The railroad track is miles away …. Edward Hirsch on American Poets Abroad In this video, recorded at the Poets Forum, Edward Hirsch discusses how American poetry has been influenced by the work of American poets who have gone abroad. Take a trip across the United States—with some trips abroad as well—and visit the resting places of several renowned poets with this listing of the graves of poets. Edna St.

According to Thomas de Quincey, Wordsworth clocked up an estimated , miles during his lifetime, walking around his beloved Lake District to say nothing of the Quantocks, where he lived near Coleridge during the s. Given that there is a strong link between poets and travelling of various kinds — whether walking, sailing, or travelling in some more abstract, metaphorical or spiritual sense — we felt it was time we put together some of the greatest journey poems. This poem, from the seventeenth-century poet Andrew Marvell, is set in the Atlantic ocean and focuses on a group of people aboard a boat, and clearly in exile from their native land. They spy the island of Bermuda, and sing a song in praise of the island. The next 32 lines of the poem comprise their song. The poem is one of the great narrative poems in English, with the old mariner recounting his story, with its hardships and tragedy, to a wedding guest.

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