Funny poems about being 50

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funny poems about being 50

Bees in My Bananas: Lots of Funny Poems by Neal Zetter

Enter Neal Zetters wacky wordy world of Bees in My Bananas and you will be hooked! In these fun-packed, entertaining pages you will discover nearly 50 hilarious poems and many accompanying comic illustrations tackling topics of major importance: Chocoholics, sumo wrestlers, sneezing, custard, puddles, itches, exploding underwear, superheroes, why you should never eat a whole elephant sandwich and heaps more too.
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Happy 50th surprise - A Poem For 50th Birthday

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with poems about being Funny word play about how you are not yet over the hill or hitting the big 50 are.
Neal Zetter

Happy 50th Birthday Poems

With funny birthday poems, like the funny poems for birthdays here, you have funny birthday messages that are so much funnier for the birthday girl or boy than any simple birthday verse could ever be. That's basically all you need to know to pick the right poem. If you need more helpful hints, just click the "Message Guy Tip" right below. It's hard to find the keys, It's hard to pee, It's hard to chew, There's not much we can do, Our memories don't last, Our hearing's not a blast, Our sense of smell stinks, Our sight's on the blink, We look worse than hell, We have that "old person" smell, Our bodies droop, It's tricky to poop, The best thing that can be said, We have it better than the dead. Getting older can be a real drag, With nobody to scratch your back, It's a pain to tie your shoes, And there's no pleasure in the sack. Aging gracefully is for the rich, Who can change their face on a dime, So happy birthday, my friend, Let's party before we run out of time.

Welcome Everyone. I've been writing verses For 60 years And d'yer know why I did it? T'was especially for you Jon Bratton. Happy 50th Birthday Poems You look brand new Half a Century looks good on you You're oozing flair, you're so debonaire With your 50 years of savoir-faire. Forgive me for writing this Though I don't think I'm wrong You're not yet a wrinkly But it won't be long. There's mysteries of life to ponder.

Feel free to select one of these unique and rhyming 50th birthday poems to share with someone on their 50th birthday.
not without my daughter part 1

Short Happy 50th Birthday Poems

Last year we held a contest to find the best funny 50th birthday poem, here's a selection of the entries I look at my hands, liver spotted, blue veined and muse on the taste of the cheese by that name. I ponder and think of one thing and another and the face in the mirror that looks like my mother I go to Tai Chi for balance and hope I don't get Alzheimer's and try to elope with the neighbour's hubby who tidies my garden, he says it will help stop his arteries harden I don't need home help, I can still climb a ladder the heart's a bit "dickey" and so is the bladder. If this is old age then it's pretty good value so pour me a wine and pass the Sudoku. Turning is nothing to fear! It all goes downhill from here.

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