Why am i insecure about my looks

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why am i insecure about my looks

Insecurities Quotes (71 quotes)

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Published 09.12.2018

How Do I Overcome Self-criticism of My Appearance?

By Marianne Power for MailOnline.

Back when I was at school, I stood out, being one of the only Asian students in a small English village. This heightened my awareness of how different I looked in relation to my peers and started my obsession of comparing myself with others. By the age of thirteen, I suddenly sprouted into a gangly, long-limbed teenager with greasy hair. I retreated into my world of loud and angry rock music, pretending not to care about anything but secretly in a spiral of self-hatred and loneliness. By seventeen, my self-hatred had intensified and I began working in a part-time job to start saving for plastic surgery—the only thing I decided would make me happy about my appearance.

Throughout the entire 10 years, I had never grown my fringe beyond eye-level. Whenever it grew that long, I would have it trimmed. Well, I never told anyone this, but the reason why I had a fringe for all of these 10 years, up till recently, was because I was afraid to let others see my forehead. Back when I was a kid, some of the kids in school would mock me about it. Some even teased me about having a big head.

I'm so miserable because of this. How do I not care about my looks or lie to myself about being beautiful? I know only the inside matters but it's.
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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. - If you feel insecure about the way you look, you aren't alone. People are bombarded with a huge number of messages about beauty standards every year, which can easily contribute to feelings of insecurity.


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