What does the bible say about self image

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what does the bible say about self image

The Biblical View of Self-Esteem, Self-Love, and Self-Image by Jay E. Adams

Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Familiar questions in our day and age. But has our search for answers led us too far in the wrong direction: away from our true position in Christ and toward a dangerous emphasis on self?

Recent decades have seen the rise of a powerful and influential movement within the church. Identified by labels such as “self-image,” “self-esteem,” “self-worth,” and “self-love,” this movement has one common denominator—the emphasis on self. Regardless of religious persuasion, everyone seems to be fighting what they perceive to be a shared enemy: low self-esteem.

Now well-known biblical counselor and noted author Jay Adams brings much-needed clarification to the area of self-esteem and offers the church and every believer a truly biblical view of self.
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Biblical Self-Image: Seeing Yourself Through God's Perspective

Without an objective standard by which to measure ourselves, our self-image will be blurred (1 Corinthians –4). The Bible provides guidance regarding the.
Jay E. Adams

Bible Verses About Self-Worth

From as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be extraordinary. I wanted to stand out as someone who actually broke out of the prison that most of us are born into; the prison of such a short wisp of a life—gone almost before it starts, no remembrance of it when gone, and no lasting impression made while alive. I only know that it was a driving force of my existence from the time I was a young teenager. When I really gave my life to the Lord at age 18, this desire was automatically transferred into the kingdom of God. I would never, never be a mere pew warmer. My desire and love for the things of God was genuine.

Often we put our self-worth in the type of clothes that we wear, the type of car that we drive, our accomplishments, our financial status, our relationship status, our talents, our appearance, etc.
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Why should God let you into Heaven?

What does the Bible say about? - No person is one-dimensional. Actually, there are three views of every individual: the view that God has of us, the opinions that others hold concerning us, and the perception we have of ourselves.

The Bible actually has quite a bit to say about self-confidence, self-worth, and self-respect. The Good Book informs us that self-worth is given to us from God. He provides us with strength and all that we need to live a godly life. When we're looking for direction , it helps to know who we are in Christ. With this knowledge, God gives us the self-assurance we need to walk the path he has provided for us. As we grow in faith, our confidence in God grows.

For individuals and small groups. These cross-cultural Bible-based books and free online Bible studies will help you see yourself as God sees you. Ideal for individuals, small groups, pastors, counselors, and mentors. Feel free to print or download these Bible studies for personal use. Please read our reprint policy. Self-love — Does the Bible say loving yourself is the key to your self-image? Live life as an adventure — Look for ways to represent God and use your gifts and talents every day.


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