What is long may you run about

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what is long may you run about

Long May You Run: all. things. running. by Chris Cooper

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Emmylou Harris Long May You Run

Long May You Run

It peaked at 26 on the Billboard and certified gold in the U. The album is the sole studio release by Stills and Young in tandem. In early , Stills and Young reached a rapprochement, and began to work on a joint album project from a desire by both to pick up where they left off with their Buffalo Springfield -era guitar explorations, a decade after the inception of the band. However, on a deadline Nash and Crosby left Miami to finish the sessions for what would become their album Whistling Down the Wire , and Young and Stills reacted by removing the duo's vocals and other contributions from the master tapes. The Stills—Young Band, comprising Stills' then-current touring band behind the pair, began a tour in prior to the album's release.

It is credited to "The Stills-Young Band," which is to say, Stephen Stills and his band with Young added, and the two divide up the songwriting and lead vocals, five for Young , four for Stills. The pairing, though it proved short-lived and had, in fact, ended before this album was released, must have seemed commercially logical. So had erstwhile partners David Crosby and Graham Nash , but they had returned to Top Ten, gold-selling status in the fall of with their Wind on the Water duo album. Why couldn't Stills and Young do the same thing? Maybe they could have and, actually, this was the first gold album for either in two years if they had made a better record together. Young 's songs were pleasant newly written throwaways with the exception of the title track, a trunk song he had written as a tribute to an old car. Stills ' compositions seemed more seriously intended, but still were not substantial.

In , Stephen Stills and Neil Young formed The Stills-Young Band and released an album called Long May You Run, which turned out to be somewhat ironic.
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Long May You Run - Stills Young Band

And they never would again. The idea was the record would mark 10 years after they had formed the Springfield. Crosby and Nash caught wind of the project and were welcomed on board, too. Annoyed at the departure, Stills and Young scrubbed the tapes clean of any contributions made by their bandmates and resolved to keep the album a Stills-Young release. It would end up being credited to the Stills-Young Band.

Standing beneath the flickering lights of the Olympic torch with his guitar and harmonica, Young's mournful song capped 17 days of world-class competition and might have sounded familiar to TV viewers: He performed the same song a month earlier, during the final episode of Conan O'Brien's run on "The Tonight Show. While the tune seems to be finding itself a cultural statement in , it's been around for more than three decades. Reaching 26 on the Billboard chart, the disc ended up going gold. The album was originally envisioned as a reunion between Stills and Young and former bandmates David Crosby and Graham Nash, but tension between the four resulted in the brief formation of the Stills-Young group. The duo didn't last for long, as Young bailed in the midst of the '76 tour and Stills was forced to finish the remaining dates without him. The title track is said to be an ode to Young's first car, a Buick Roadmaster hearse.

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