What is the book of joel all about

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what is the book of joel all about

Books by Joel Osteen (Author of Your Best Life Now)

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An overview of the book of Joel

Book of Joel

The Jewish canon lumps all together as The Twelve and divides Joel into four chapters; Christian versions combine chapters 2 and 3. The book relates nothing about Joel except his name and that of his father. An analysis of the text further indicates that Joel lived during the period of the Second Temple of Jerusalem bc — ad 70 , for his book reflects the liturgy then in use. Then they will not only receive divine favour, but the land itself will become fertile. Book of Joel. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback.

Joel is referred to only once in the New Testament Acts The author is one of 14 men in the Old Testament who shared this name. Joel was a contemporary of both Hosea and Amos, though he ministered to the southern kingdom while they ministered to the northern kingdom. The prophecy provides little else about the man. Even the name of his father is not mentioned elsewhere in the Old Testament. Although he displayed a profound zeal for the temple sacrifices ; , his familiarity with pastoral and agricultural life and his separation from the priest ; , suggest he was not a Levite. Extra biblical tradition records that he was from the tribe of Reuben, from the town of Bethom or Beth-haram, located northeast of the Dead Sea on the border of Reuben and Gad.

The term indicates the short length of the text in relation to longer prophetic texts known as the Major Prophets. After a superscription ascribing the prophecy to Joel son of Pethuel , the book may be broken down into the following sections:. The Book of Joel's division into chapters and verses differs widely between editions of the Bible; some editions have three chapters, others four. In the King James Bible , the Book of Joel is formed by three chapters: the second one has 32 verses, and it is equivalent to the union of the chapter 2 with 26 verses and chapter 3 with 5 verses of other editions of the Bible. The differences of the division is as follows: [6]. As there are no explicit references in the book to datable persons or events, scholars have assigned a wide range of dates to the book.

Dating the writing of the book of Joel remains one of the most difficult tasks for All of this points to a date of approximately BC or soon after, making Joel.
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Who wrote the book?

Author: The prophet Joel. Purpose: To call God's people to repentance so they could escape judgment and enjoy blessings on the approaching day of the Lord., Your browser does not support JavaScript.

Joel is the second of the twelve prophets in the Book of the Twelve. The Book of the Twelve Prophets was originally on one parchment roll because of the brevity of the text, and together formed one Book of the 24 Books of Hebrew Scripture. These twelve prophets were sometimes named the minor prophets, not because they are of lesser importance, but because their writings are brief. All together the 16 prophets are called the Latter Prophets, as they began writing after the Division of the United Kingdom of Israel. The Book of Joel is apocalyptic in nature, referring to the "Day of the Lord. Chapter 2 speaks of God's mercy , and the end reveals a future time of Divine intervention. Chapter 3 relates the Day of Judgement and the salvation of God's children.

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