Emily dickinson poems about life and death

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emily dickinson poems about life and death

Emily Dickinson Quotes (Author of The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson)

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The Life and Death of Emily smart-cycling.org

A Death Blow Is A Life Blow To Some - Poem by Emily Dickinson

But when she discovered a cache of almost 1, poems that her sister had written, Lavinia instead sought to find someone who could help bring this unique poetry to the world. That person turned out to be Mabel Loomis Todd. Todd, the beautiful, young and energetic wife of an Amherst College professor, had literary ambitions of her own. She was right. But what Lavinia did not realize was the extent of work needed to get the poems into a form in which they could be considered worthy of publication in the late 19th century. Today these debates continue.

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Even though the ideas presented by Dickinson may seem contradictory at times, they all emphasize her idea that there are many types of deaths. Depending on the interpretation, the tone could be of paralytic fear, serenity or apathetic lethargy; Dickinson uses the atmosphere to reflect the decay of the body and the emptiness of death Jensen, David. Surrounding the dead body there is total silence because people have ceased to cry and the wind has stopped blowing. The fly that approaches the decaying body represents all the animals that will continue the cycle of life by eating from the body. Finally, at the end of the poem, the windows of the soul, which could be interpreted as the eyes, fail and the soul dies.

Although the poems are written by the same poet, both poems view death in a different manner. Between the two poems, one views death as having an everlasting life while the other anticipates everlasting life, only to realize it does not exist. While both poems are about death, both poems also illustrate that the outcome of death is a mysterious. Emily Dickinson is one of the most influential American authors, whose works transformed the way people view poetry and female authors. Her exceedingly complex life has proved a tremendous influence on her instrumental poetry, creating its originality and distinguishing her from other great poets of the nineteenth century. As well, her use of symbolism and imagery has continued to make her work celebrated.

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