How to stop caring about what others think

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how to stop caring about what others think

James Umber (Author of Stop Caring What Others Think)

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Published 08.12.2018

How to Not Care What Other People Think - Confident Self-Esteem Tips

I stopped doing those “things that aren't normal for a girl” and conformed to the It's time to stop caring about what other people think .
James Umber

Stop Caring What Others Think!

Have you ever wondered why we care so much about what other people think of us? For some, this problem can be life crippling. It can become an obsession. We wonder what people will think of our clothes, body, hair style, profile pic, car, presentation, voice, etc. You might not even be fully aware that you're doing this.

The best way to take feedback is to understand where the feedback is coming from. For example, so many parents tell their kids what direction they should go in their lives. But parents have an agenda too. I have empathy for their opinions because I understand how they could come to their conclusions with limited context. When I was younger, I would go up to old people and talk to them. Every one of them — at parks, bars, airports — all started with what they wish they did differently.

We're all guilty.
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Reclaiming Your Freedom

If you find yourself frequently feeling upset or worried about what people around you are thinking, try focusing on loving yourself. Counselor Trudi Griffin urges caution: "When we care too much about what others think of us, we often change our behavior to please someone else. Additionally, we project a nonverbal need for approval that can lead to a distorted power dynamic in relationships. Not exactly! As a matter of fact, asserting your boundaries will probably lead to more conflicts, at least in the short term. That makes setting boundaries difficult, but there's another benefit that makes doing so worthwhile. Try again

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