Interesting facts about margaret peterson haddix

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interesting facts about margaret peterson haddix

Full Ride by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Becca thought her life was over when her father was sent to prison for embezzlement. It didnt help when he used her as his excuse: How else is a guy like me supposed to send his daughter to college? She and her mother fled their town and their notoriety, started over, and vowed never to let anyone know about their past.

Now a senior in high school, Becca has spent the last four years hiding in anonymity. But when its time to apply to colleges and for financial aid, her mother gives her a rude awakening: If she applies, her past may be revealed to the world

But Becca has already applied for a full-ride scholarship. And as she begins to probe deeper into the secrets of her past, she discovers that she and her mother might be in danger of more than simple discovery - by revealing the truth about their past, she might be putting their very lives in jeopardy.
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"Fine?" by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Interesting Facts About Margaret Peterson Haddix. Mrs. Haddix has worked as a newspaper copy editor, a newspaper reporter, a community college instructor.
Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the Hidden - Author Biography

Were you a big reader as a child? I was fairly non-discriminating—if there weren't any books available, I'd be reading the back of cereal boxes and figuring out all the ins and outs of Cap'n Crunch's behind-the-scenes life. There usually were plenty of books available, though. Both of my parents really loved to read—they continue to love to read—and they passed that love on to my brothers and sister and me. They were very good about taking us to the library. I don't think they could have afforded to buy all the books that we wanted, but we went to the library every week.

When my daughter was in third grade, she brought home a list one day that described what everyone in her class wanted to be when they grew up. Most of the kids clearly picked the same jobs their parents held. But a few went for the fantastical. One kid said he wanted to be a spy; another was longing to be a professional dirt-biker; another saw himself as a future movie director. The far-out, only-in-your dreams career I wanted was to be an author. All the grown-ups I knew were farmers like my dad or nurses like my mom , teachers or dentists, housewives or grocery store clerks, etc.

She grew up on a farm in Ohio. 2. She always knew she wanted to be a writer. 3. In high school, she acted in school plays, played flute and.
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Teacher Encouragement

The Missing

She came from a family of farmers and book lovers. Haddix took part in many extra-curricular activities such as singing, acting and running. She played the flute and piccolo and sang with the school choir but all these activities did not interest her much. Haddix always had a deeply profound love for reading and writing. She sought reality in the characters that she read about in books like Harriet the Spy, Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm or the Little Women. Haddix was very keen on reading the local newspaper, magazines and books of the Great Depression. Though as a kid Haddix wanted a career that was only restricted to books at that time and writing was not thought of a wise career choice.

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