Mr bump has an accident

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mr bump has an accident

Mr. Bump by Roger Hargreaves

Finding Ones Calling
1 July 2017

It has been a little while since I have read a Mr Men book so I decided that it would be time to rectify that situation. Well, since they are such short books getting time to read them isn’t a problem, it more has to do with getting time to write a review on them afterwards. Also, I’m not too keen on flooding people’s Goodreads feed with reviews of Mr Men books (though it isn’t as if there is an unlimited number of them), so I’ve decided to try and space them out a bit, or I happen to be somewhere that isn’t my study so I can write a review on a book that doesn’t take too long to read (I just hope I remember to take some with me the next time I go traveling).

Mr Bump is a little clumsy. Well, probably not clumsy in the sense that he keeps on dropping things but rather that his co-ordination is a little off – he keeps on bumping into things, tripping up, and causing things to smash. For instance, when he tries to fix something on his roof (which from the getgo sounds like an incredibly bad idea) he ends up breaking a bunch of windows (which means that he has then got to go around and look for the means of repairing them without actually breaking anything else).

As it turns out, the story is about how Mr Bump tries to find his place in society. The problem with being the way he is is that there are lots of jobs he can’t do. For instance he tries being a bus conductor but he falls off, the bus disappears, and all of the passengers get a free ride. So he does what any self-respecting person does in this situation – he goes on a holiday to find himself. Well, that doesn’t seem to work out, but he does end up with suitable job in the end, so everybody is happy.

I still don’t know how he ended up getting those windows repaired (or why he didn’t fall off the roof when he was repairing the chimney).
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Mr Bump Has An Accident

Product Description. New, digitally animated versions of Roger Hargreaves' classic stories. In 'Mr Bump Has an Accident', Mr Bump demolishes a house of cards.
Roger Hargreaves

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Previous Cartoon Next Cartoon. Bump is depressed after demolishing Mr. Tickle's house of cards, but he quickly makes up for the blunder by stopping Little Miss Dotty's runaway shopping caddie. A collection of animated shorts with live-action wrap-around segments. Shown in Europe for two decades, release dates reflect USA airings. More Production Information

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Bump is known for bumping into things, until one morning he worried about having an accident. After crashing into his book shelf, he decides to talk to the cleveriest person, Mr. Clever for the solution. At Mr. Clever's house, he and Mr. Sneeze are watching Mr.

Mr. Bump Has An Accident

Since the series was produced in France, it included some characters especially made for the country, like Little Miss Prim in 'Mr Cheerful Doffs his Hat'. The French version also had lyrics to the theme tune and a selection of episodes were novelized in France. These books finally became available in England in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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  1. Mr. Bump Has An Accident is an episode of Mr. Men and Little Misses. Contents[ show] Plot Mr. Bump is known for bumping into things, until one morning he.

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