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good hulk vs evil hulk

The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman by Roger Stern

The story is thin - basically, Clark narrates (to Lois) a flashback to an encounter with the Hulk from early in their careers, with the standard crossover tropes of mixed villains (General Ross hounding the Hulk with an assist from military contractor Lex Luthor, who obviously has his own far more sinister agenda), fisticuffs stemming from misunderstanding, and the supporting casts mixing in semi-interesting ways -, but who cares when it looks this gorgeous! Steve Rude channels Jack Kirby, Fleischer Studios, AND Joe Shuster and somehow makes it all work together in a dynamic, explosive, nostalgia-tinged, easy-reading romp. Roger Stern provides a useful framework to hang it all together.
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The Old Man Logan comic has come to an end, as Marvel's elderly Wolverine and his evil Hulk nemesis throw one last battle to the death So, who's ready for Dead Man Logan? The old Wolverine best known as 'Old Man Logan' has been dying for months in Marvel's comic universe, with his healing factor finally giving out in his old age, and his body failing along with it due to adamantium poisoning finally taking hold. With his days numbered, he set out to settle his last feud Maestro, the alternate universe, incredibly evil tyrant version of the Hulk. But Wolverine is no match for a Hulk in his weakened state The fight arrives in Old Man Logan 50 , as the man once called Wolverine spends what's left of his strength - and life - killing the cruel old Hulk in spectacular fashion.

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To be clear, we aren't just talking about how the character shifted from grey to green and back again more than once; if you break down the total history of the Hulk, there have been dozens of different versions, types and even characters who can call themselves the Hulk. Looking back over the years, there have been around 25 versions of the character. That leaves a good 25 versions of the Incredible Hulk to rank and rate, which is why we now present to you these 25 versions of the Hulk with our pick for the strongest of them all down at the bottom of the list. When the Hulk first hit the shelves back in , he was completely different than he is now. The character was grey due to an ease of coloring decision , only came out at night, was kind of a smart-aleck and he was nowhere near as strong as he is these days.

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