What is this book about

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what is this book about

What is this book about? — Where the... Q&A

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What is this book about??

How To Write A Book Description That Sells

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Spandana Sudeep asked:. To answer questions about Divergent , please sign up. Bree Yerbury This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [It's a bit hard to explain, but I will try my best. So it's set in the future and basically the world has started to crumble and cities have been split, abandoned and the remaining ones have been put into factions like in the Hunger Games where they belong to districts.

Maggie This book is just a collection of poems, its not really about a certain one thing. The poems are good ones though. Shel Silverstein is the best. flag.
how do you say beloved

"What is the book about?"

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BookTraces is a new project to track down the human markings in 19th-century books that, in the era of digitization, will at best end up in deep storage throughout the nation's library system. The books are "a massive, distributed archive of the history of reading, hidden in plain sight in the circulating collections," the site argues. Each book has to be opened and examined. While the implications of this research are large for librarians more on that anon , for the lay person, there is a fascinating question at the heart of this project to find and preserve unique copies of old texts:. In the Kindle era, it seems pretty obvious.

For example, "El examen es sobre Shakespeare" means "The exam is about Shakespeare". It's a different kind of "about. When talking about an exam sobre means "covers" or "goes over. The exam goes over Shakespeare would be a more exact English translation, when using sobre. Not all translators are created equal, and they don't always translate word for word. Sometimes it translates the concept as a whole which is not always great if you are trying to learn the language.

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