People who live on star island

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people who live on star island

Three Star Island by Kat Caulberg

Stepping through a time portal into 1716, historian Penny Saunders didn’t expect to get stranded in the past. Five years later, now a pariah to the townsfolk of Three Star Island, she endures solitude and ridicule until a hurricane tosses a dangerous castaway onto her shores.

William Payne’s history precedes him. Pirate, outlaw, and ruthless captain, he’s a monster among men. . . or so it seems. Desperately seeking redemption for his blood-soaked past, he upends Penny’s world by showing her a passion she’s never experienced.

But time is closing in on them; the governor of the Carolinas has rescinded his pirates’ pardon, the locals are growing suspicious of Penny’s new houseguest, and she can’t keep her secrets from William forever. When everything falls apart, she must use both wits and weapons against lawmen and pirates alike to save the one man who would tear down the world for her.
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Star Island Tour, Miami Beach

When it comes to celebrities and their vacation homes or even the homes that they live in all year round , one of the places that they end up choosing is Miami. This is primarily because of the tropical weather here, but also because of the many attractions and things to do in the area. One of the neighborhoods that celebrities seem to choose when it comes to living in Miami is South Beach and its surrounding sub-neighborhoods.
Kat Caulberg

Top 10 Celebrity Houses Seen On Miami Boat Cruise (Photos)

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Some people choose a home according to its location and the many amenities that can be found near it. Others choose a home according to price, the safety of the area, and the availability of what their family needs, such as schools, hospitals, and grocery stores. While these are the most common considerations, there are a few who simply like to have celebrities as neighbors. So here are some of the most popular celebrities that have homes for sale in Miami close to them. Neighborhood: Northeast Coconut Grove. It also has a summer kitchen, covered terraces, and its own dock, which can accommodate two large yachts. It is considered one of the most opulent and expensive homes in the area.

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