Who was lady jane grey

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who was lady jane grey

Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery by Eric Ives

Lady Jane Grey is one of the most elusive and tragic characters in English history. In July 1553, the death of the childless Edward VI threw the Tudor dynasty into crisis. On Edwards instructions, his cousin Jane Grey was proclaimed queen, only to be ousted 13 days later by his half-sister Mary, and later beheaded. In this radical reassessment, Eric Ives rejects traditional portraits of Jane both as hapless victim of political intrigue or Protestant martyr. Instead, he presents her as an accomplished young woman with a fierce personal integrity. The result is a compelling dissection by a master historian and storyteller of one of historys most shocking injustices.
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England's Forgotten Queen: The Life and Death of Lady Jane Grey (Episode 2)

Lady Jane Grey (1537 - 1554)

Lady Jane Grey was born in , in Leicester, England. Her life began with promise and high expectations but ended tragically, due in part to the ambitions of her father and the religious strife of the times. Grey was beheaded in London on February 12, Her parents saw to it that she received an excellent education, intended to make her a good match for the son of a well-positioned family. Seymour was executed for treason in Henry Grey, now Duke of Suffolk, introduced his beautiful and intelligent daughter Jane to the royal court in

After only nine days as the monarch of England, Lady Jane Grey is deposed in favor of her cousin Mary.
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Lady Jane Grey has become an iconic Tudor victim: virginal, sweet and beheaded at But is any of this true? Lady Jane Grey is mythologised, even fetishised, as an innocent girl sacrificed on the altar of her mother's ambition. But behind the popular biographies of the Tudor Queen lies a different story of misogyny and masochism. It seems the much-maligned mother is in fact the victim. When I began researching for "The Sisters Who Would be Queen", my triple biography of Lady Jane and her sisters, Katherine and Mary Grey, I hoped the well-known life of the iconic teenage Queen, would lend some insight to the younger sisters, the forgotten heirs to Elizabeth Tudor.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Jane was born in the autumn of , the daughter of the Marquess of Dorset. Jane developed into an intelligent and pious woman. In October , her father was created duke of Suffolk and Jane began to appear at court. There, real power lay in the hands of the fiercely Protestant Duke of Northumberland, who acted as regent to the young king, Edward VI. It became clear that Edward was dying, and Northumberland was desperate to prevent the throne passing to Edward's half-sister and heir, the Catholic Mary Tudor.

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