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reasons to be pretty neil labute

Reasons to Be Pretty by Neil LaBute

In Reasons to Be Pretty, Gregs tight-knit social circle is thrown into turmoil when his offhand remarks about a female coworkers pretty face and his own girlfriend Stephs lack thereof get back to Steph. But thats just the beginning. Gregs best buddy, Kent, and Kents wife, Carly, also enter into the picture, and the emotional equation becomes exponentially more complicated. As their relationships crumble, the four friends are forced to confront a sea of deceit, infidelity, and betrayed trust in their journey to answer that oh-so-American question: How much is pretty worth?

Neil LaButes bristling new comic drama puts the final ferocious cap on a trilogy of plays that began with The Shape of Things and Fat Pig. Americas obsession with physical beauty is confronted headlong in this brutal and exhilarating work.
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monologue: carly from reasons to be pretty by neil labute

I mean, I can take a lot, pretty much, anyway, but I'm, like, my face? That's [expletive]. It just is
Neil LaBute

"Reasons to Be Pretty" Act One

Even audience members accustomed to the outright nastiness of much of Mr. LaBute characters are rarely happy campers, yet none of them have ever been so unconditionally, uncontrollably, overwhelmingly angry as this one. But Mr. LaBute has a bigger surprise in store than this opening fireworks display. If there was comic glee in these pieces, there was also puritanical contempt. Pill — respond to this newly found empathy with some of the most sensitively shaded performances in town. Sadoski , an autodidactic warehouse worker trying to figure out who he is in the wake of a brutal breakup with Steph Ms.

How does physical beauty, or the lack of it, impact our lives? He does this as he observes the lives of four young people who are stuck in jobs and relationships that are not working for them and who must decide what kind of people they want to be and how to spend the rest of their lives. Kent's wife Carly, who overheard the remark, reported it to Stephanie. Greg assures Stephanie that he meant it as a compliment and would not trade her for a million dollars, but she does not believe him. She is so angry and hurt by his comment that she breaks off their relationship. Greg tries to win her back, but his stupid gaffe has apparently uncovered the deep insecurity that Stephanie feels about her physical appearance. This dramatic, yet comical play is not only about our obsession with physical beauty and the pressure we put on ourselves to look a certain way.

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Reasons to be Pretty stylized in all-lowercase is a play by Neil LaBute , his first to be staged on Broadway. The plot centers on four young working class friends and lovers who become increasingly dissatisfied with their dead-end lives and each other. Following The Shape of Things and Fat Pig , it is the final installment of a trilogy that focuses on modern-day obsession with physical appearance. Ben Brantley of The New York Times thought the play "has an adolescent awkwardness at times that is the opposite of the contrived jigsaw-puzzle precision associated with Mr. The relatively easygoing sprawl of reasons to be pretty allows his characters to talk naturally and at leisure as they ponder their own often less-than-pretty natures. In the course of these conversations, you realize anew what a sensitive ear Mr.

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  1. Reasons to Be Pretty , Neil LaBute's only play to be mounted on Broadway, asks very few questions about its characters, leaving the audience to fill in the blanks — and not always in the characters' favors.

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