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who killed bob crane com

Who Killed Bob Crane?: The Final Close-Up by John Hook

Can Modern DNA Science Crack this Cold Case?

The 1978 murder of actor and American icon Bob Crane remains one of the most high-profile unsolved celebrity murders of all time. Thirty-eight years after his brutal murder in Scottsdale, Arizona, millions around the world still want answers. Was John Carpenter the killer? Or did police arrest an innocent man?

For nearly 40 years, police remained convinced of Carpenter’s guilt. Early DNA testing, decades ago, was unable to positively link Carpenter to the crime. The two friends lived on the edge, sharing a dark obsession—videotaping women during their sexual encounters.

In an unprecedented investigation, reporter John Hook retests the original blood evidence using modern DNA science in a final search for answers. Scientists believe this is the last chance to test DNA from the crime scene— the final close-up—in identifying Bob Crane’s killer.

Hook has exhausted all remaining avenues to unearth answers in this intriguing and haunting cold case. Will he close the book on the Crane murder once and for all?

Who Killed Bob Crane? is Hook’s first-hand account of a two-year investigation and search for the truth. It’s seen though the eyes of the people who were there—witnesses, detectives, prosecutors, jurors, and family members. John Hook takes readers on an incredible reporter’s journey for an inside look at the sensational physical evidence in a final attempt to learn the truth in Who Killed Bob Crane?
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Published 19.12.2018

Who Really Murdered Hogan's Heroes Star Bob Crane? Award Winning Journalist John Hook

His 67th birthday was two days ago. Friday marks the 40th anniversary of his father's murder. He was found murdered in his Scottsdale apartment on June 29, , his skull bashed in with a blunt object and an electrical cord around his neck.
John Hook

Who Killed Bob Crane?

The wealthy suburb of Phoenix drowses in the heat of the Sonoran Desert, sprinkled with luxury resorts catering to snowbirds in what Arizonans call the Valley of the Sun. June 29, , likely began as nearly all Scottsdale summer days do — temperatures soared above degrees by high noon, and well-heeled residents took refuge in their heavily air-conditioned villas, leaving the wide streets as empty as any Southwest ghost town. It was clear he had been in good shape and had salt-and-pepper hair, but gore obliterated most other details. His obsession with sex hurt his career and possibly got him killed. Long before he met his end on the edge of Phoenix, Bob Crane had plunged from the heights of Hollywood into a particularly unfortunate showbiz hell.

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Bob Crane was a beloved television actor whose real-life had a seedy side and whose death baffled his friends, fans, and the police. He was one of the stars of the show from until when the series was canceled. In while on tour with a play, he was murdered in Scottsdale, Arizona. To this day, the mystery of who killed Bob Crane is unsolved. Bob Crane had left his wife of more than 20 years for his co-star Sigrid Valdis. He appears to have had a taste for promiscuous sex and filming it, and people say he was a serious sex addict.

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