I think my relationship is ending

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i think my relationship is ending

Coming Apart: Why Relationships End and How to Live Through the Ending of Yours by Daphne Rose Kingma

An insightful and enriching book from a practicing psychologist for tough times. Daphne Kingma proposes that our traditional (default) views of relationships are antiquated. In reality our reasons in being in a relationship are selfish, not selfless, and the ending of relationships are normal. Does that make reality bitter and depressing? No, because she says relationships are more than a compatible parter but a transference of gifts. People come together because they meet each others needs originating from childhood, and fulfilling those needs is the exchange of Daphnes gifts. She provides plenty of examples of what is essentially people growing and evolving. This is what may be the real root of relationships (and I see a flavor of transactional analysis mingling here, as a TA fan). Does relationship loss hurt? Sure, the only thing worse is loss through death. Can it provide more than misery, pain, or regret? You betchya. There are always lessons to be learned and the act of selfishness can allow you to become a better, mature, and more wholesome being with the experience relationships can give you.
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Couples Therapy : How to Get Over Breakups

It's sometimes difficult to know when a relationship is over even when it's tend to start picking fights when they feel a relationship is at its end.
Daphne Rose Kingma

7 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is About To Be Over

Your anxiety over a possible relationship breakup is driving you crazy, and you have been mulling over the signs your relationship is about to be over. Because your relationship is a partnership between the two of you, you create a new self-concept of yourself with your partner than you had before the relationship. This type of change in your individuality is normal in a healthy relationship. When you notice clear signs your relationship is about to be over, you may feel like you are unsure of yourself. One study found that people felt a sense of loss of their own identity after the end of a romantic relationship because they had invested so much of themselves in the partnership. Worrying about who you are without your partner is normal, and the anxiety may start once you notice signs your relationship is about to be over. Here are some warning signs that you might have already picked up on.

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  1. In just about every long-term relationship, there may come a time when things get tough and you ask yourself, "Is this really worth fighting for?

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