Best works of virginia woolf

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best works of virginia woolf

Best Creative Work by Virginia Woolf (21 books)

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Published 18.12.2018

Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf (Audiobook)

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Virginia Woolf

Who was Virginia Woolf and what are her most famous books?

It was made into a film in The novel explores key questions of gender and identity, all against the backdrop of the characters travelling through time and meeting various important literary figures across the ages. Unique and unexpected, Orlando: A Biography is a must-read for any literary fan. The story of three members of the Ramsay family, told from their varying perspectives, To the Lighthouse is a touching story of the hardships this family faces while living in a house on the coast of Scotland. She explores the human fear of change in a new, compelling way, and her ability to make descriptions come to life is one of her greatest tools and one of the reasons that readers are unable to put this book down.

Since I was aware she was revered as one of the greatest English writers of the early twentieth century, I felt somewhat intimidated picking up her books but once I started reading I became enraptured by her sumptuous prose and heartfelt writing on ordinary life. Somehow daily details are elevated into moments of startling significance in her fiction. Her writing has that rare ability to literally reshape how you see the world around you. In recent decades, Virginia Woolf has also become such a cult figure that her life is as much a subject of fascination as her writing. As a central figure of the influential Bloomsbury Group, she was embroiled in their complicated and, at the time, scandalous affairs.

I n the spring of , Virginia Woolf , then in her 40s, gave a famous lecture, later published as the essay Mr Bennett and Mrs Brown, in which she declared that "we are trembling on the verge of one of the great ages of English literature". She might have been speaking about herself. In the next odd years, before her suicide, Woolf would transform the English literary landscape forever. She would innovate To the Lighthouse ; she would flirt Orlando ; she would provoke A Room of One's Own and, privately, would dazzle herself and her friends with a stream of letters and diaries , all of which reveal a writer's mind at full tilt. Woolf is one of the giants of this series, and Mrs Dalloway , her fourth novel, is one of her greatest achievements, a book whose afterlife continues to inspire new generations of writers and readers.

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Woolf was born into an affluent household in South Kensington , London, the seventh child in a blended family of eight. Her mother, Julia Prinsep Jackson , celebrated as a Pre-Raphaelite artist's model, had three children from her first marriage, while Woolf's father, Leslie Stephen , a notable man of letters , had one previous daughter. The Stephens produced another four children, including the modernist painter Vanessa Bell. While the boys in the family received college educations, the girls were home-schooled in English classics and Victorian literature. An important influence in Virginia Woolf's early life was the summer home the family used in St Ives, Cornwall , where she first saw the Godrevy Lighthouse , which was to become central in her novel To the Lighthouse

She made her name by writing brilliantly composed stories about consciousness and fantastic narratives. Her stories were based on growth, which was different from the other favorite stories of that time. Woolf is known to be one of those writers who experimented with various writing styles without any fears. This book is one of the most significant works of Virginia Woolf. She writes the book in a narrative tone and keeps it beautifully poetic. We had seen Mrs. Dalloway is set in the post-Britain War.

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  1. Virginia Woolf is undoubtedly one of the most famous female writers of all time. A modernist, her books and essays are characterised by the.

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