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happily ever after kiera cass summary

Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass

Not sure why I thought this was going to be another installment in the series. Just a heads up...its not. Happily Ever After is a compilation of all the novellas and bonus scenes/epilogues in The Selection series and if you are up-to-date with reading the series then you have already read most of these. Die hard fans will likely love this one-stop shop for all the extras but I could have done without it. Dont mind me, just a little disgruntled. I should have read the synopsis first. Lesson learned.

The Prince (with the two bonus chapters):
Review from July 2013:
Novella #0.5. This is basically the first 1/3 of The Selection from Prince Maxons point of view. I liked that it showed the stressors Maxon has to deal with, his relationship with his parents, and his personal thoughts about the selection process and the girls.

The Guard:
Review from March 2014:
The Guard is a novella (#2.5) in author Kiera Casss The Selection series. In the series, the female lead is America Singer who is torn between two loves in her life, Maxon and Aspen. Maxons perspective is shared in the novella The Prince, and Aspens perspective is shared in this novella. I have enjoyed the series overall and although I thought The Prince novella was unnecessary, it was interesting being inside Maxons head. However, after reading The Guard, I almost wish I wasnt exposed to Aspens point-of-view. Theres a difference between a man being in love and a boy being in love and Aspen appears to be the latter. Theres nothing necessarily wrong with this. Actually, theres a certain type of sweetness to being oblivious to everything except your hearts desire. But America is no longer a girl who has this luxury. She has grown and has been exposed to the complexities in her world and her eyes are now on more pressing matters. Ive been Team Maxon since book one and that hasnt changed for me, especially after reading this book.

The Queen:
Review from March 2015:
The Queen is a prequel novella (#0.4) in Kiera Casss young adult, dystopian series titled: The Selection Series. This short story features Maxons father and mother, King Clarkson and Queen Amberly, and includes the story of how they met through their generations selection process.

I think most readers dont like King Clarkson in The Selection Series, so I was curious if he would be portrayed any differently during his younger years as prince.

The answer is...

I have to admit though, Ms. Cass was much more subtle in her character development of Clarkson, but his need to control and his hard-handed threats are still shown through his interactions with others in this prequel. The cycle of violence rings loud and clear within the portrait of this royal family, but any suggestion that Clarkson is a victim rang on deaf ears with me. Amberly is the perfect little submissive, which is something I didnt really view her as in the series, but maybe I just forgot. Through Amberlys point of view, the two of them have a very promising future together, and they may very well be just what each other needs. The Queen gives quite a bit of insight into these two characters, and when compared to the series, does a great job of reinforcing the fairytale aspect of Maxon and Americas love story. This novella is a wonderful addition to the series and I would recommend it to fans.

The Favorite:
The Favorite is a novella (#2.6) in Kiera Casss young adult, dystopia series titled The Selection. This short-story was a refreshing addition from Marlees point of view. The characters in this series are great, but sometimes its nice to read a new perspective...and see a new love story. If you have read the series then you know that Marlee falls in love with a guard: Carter and when discovered, they are caned as punishment. But Marlees POV provides insight into a beautiful bond between two people that gets them through the hard times. I found the novella rather choppy and it didnt flow well in my opinion but the content was good. Three stars.

Three scenes from Celeste’s POV:
Wow, so Celeste isnt the cold-hearted b*itch I thought she was. Shes still a stuck-up snob who will do anything to be first but she is a bit complex like we all are. Cant say I like her character but I didnt mind reading these few scenes from her perspective.

Lucy’s scene (bonus scene from The One):
This is a tiny little scene from the maid Lucys perspective. If this was a deleted scene collecting dust, then I see why Ms. Cass wanted to eventually offer it to readers but I certainly wouldnt have sought out Happily Ever After just for this.

The bonus epilogue:
Another tiny piece that gives fans a peek of their favorite characters after the ending of The One. Again, it didnt really do anything for me but Im sure there are some fans out there that will just squeal with joy at any little bit that extends the story for them.
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Happily Ever After: The Queen Chapters 3 & 4

A fter The Selection series ended, there were still lots of closed doors, and questions dying to be answered.
Kiera Cass

Happily Ever After (The Companion to The Selection Series) Review!

Why am I still reading these books? Before this handy dandy collection of novellas came out, I had already read about half of them. I was incredibly excited for this novella but… I felt a bit let down :. I think my main problem with The Selection books in general is the writing. I did love her romance with Carter, their love out of all the love in this series, felt the most real to me.

This book was interesting to say the least. I was excited to read point of views from other characters about how the love stories went. However, the way these stories went were so vastly different from the original story that it literally blew my mind! I do remember that she was uncertain that Clarkson would never love her due to her caste, but from this story it really seems like he liked her from the beginning and was intrigued by her all the time; it really showed that he could have cared less about where someone grew up and what they did for a living and that he cared more about the person and their personality. I do believe my favorite part from the first book and this one was when Amberly wore the red dress and basically knocked the wind out of Clarkson at dinner. It made me smile and think of my own moments when I did that to my own husband with a great dress or outfit.

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Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass - review. 'We get to see the scene where Celeste is dismissed, and I realised that she's actually a decent.
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Series Selection novel. Meet Prince Maxon before he fell in love with America, and a girl named Amberly before she became queen.




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