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jaycee lee dugard stockholm syndrome

Freedom: My Book of Firsts by Jaycee Dugard

I feel so bad giving Freedom only two stars, but I just cant help it. I read A Stolen Life a few years ago and remember being awed by Jaycee and her resilience as well as being heartbroken for everything she had been through. With Freedom, I didnt feel much, mainly because theres not much depth involved in this book like in the other one.

I get that this book is Jaycees book of firsts, but I just thought that this would be more engaging. But there wasnt much here. She writes about her animals, she writes about her first hangover, her first speeding ticket. Most of this book is filled with mundane things such as this. I guess I was expecting more about her life with her family. Not with her daughters, mind you, as I completely get her decision to keep their lives private, but I wouldve liked to hear more about her interactions with her mom and her sister.

The one thing that I just couldnt get over in Freedom was the writing. Now I get that given everything that Jaycee has been through, this book wasnt going to be fabulously written (seeing as how she didnt get a chance to finish her schooling). But there were tons of clunky sentences that I had to read over in order to fully grasp their meaning. This book should have had an editor that was willing to keep the meaning of what Jaycee was trying to say in tact while making sure that the sentences flowed more smoothly.

In the end, I wasnt that wowed by Freedom the way I was with A Stolen Life. I completely admire Jaycee and am glad that she seems to be doing so well. That knowledge is enough for me, so chances are if she writes another book, I probably wont check it out.
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GNT - Jaycee Dugard, 18 Years of Captivity (Subtitles in Portuguese)

Jaycee Lee Dugard, formed a close bond with her kidnapper during her year captivity and helped him with his printing business, according to local media reports. AFP - Jaycee Lee Dugard formed a close bond with her kidnapper during her year captivity, helping the rapist run a thriving business while giving no clue to her ordeal, it was reported Monday. As police resumed a search of the California home of Phillip Garrido -- who is accused of abducting Dugard in and holding her captive for nearly two decades -- more details of the prisoner's life began to emerge.
Jaycee Dugard

Kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard 'formed close bond with captor'

Despite the elaborate lengths to which Phillip Garrido went to hide Ms Dugard along with their two children, it has also emerged that he regularly exposed her to public contact. Several people have reported seeing Jaycee — or Allissa, as Garrido called her — in the open. He was introduced in the living room to a blonde woman who looked about 20 — Ms Dugard is now 29 but is said to appear much younger. The woman was quiet and polite, but said nothing. He told The New York Times he was introduced to a young woman who Garrido said was his daughter Allissa and later exchanged emails and phone calls with her. After their dramatic reunion, Ms Dugard told her mother Terry that she felt guilty that she had not escaped, and for having bonded with Garrido.

When first interviewed by parole officers who were suspicious of her alleged abductor Phillip Garrido she did not reveal her identity. Instead, she told investigators she was a battered wife from Minnesota who was hiding from her abusive husband, and described Garrido as a "great person" who was "good with her kids". Miss Dugard, who called herself "Alyssa", told interviewers she was aware Garrido was a convicted sex offender but that he was a "changed man". Only after Garrido admitted he had kidnapped and raped her did she identify herself as Jaycee Dugard, the report said. Since her release and being reunited with her family Miss Dugard has indicated she will testify against Garrido and his wife Nancy who are charged with her abduction and rape.

Jaycee Lee Dugard showed signs of Stockholm syndrome when she was found after 18 years in captivity, according to an official report by.
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The exercise was among the kinds of therapy that have helped transform Dugard, who famously survived 18 years of captivity in an Antioch backyard, during which she bore two daughters fathered by her rapist kidnapper. Since she resurfaced in August , and released a best-selling memoir in — the year she gave her first public interview, with Sawyer, as a coming out of sorts — Dugard has come to exude a preternatural confidence and acceptance of how half her life was stolen by captors Phillip and Nancy Garrido. A People Magazine feature on her has also just been published. In another, she is driving a vehicle on a road in the area of her undisclosed home, which is believed to be in the vicinity of the Bay Area. Learning to drive was one wistful goal she set for herself back when she was a scared child at the mercy and sexual servitude of the Garridos, who snatched her from her South Lake Tahoe neighborhood in Along those lines, she spoke of how she and her daughters, who were initially raised to believe that she was their much older sister, have gotten to the point where they can talk about it with no equivocation.

Dugard was eleven years old when she was abducted from a street while walking to a school bus stop. Searches began immediately after Dugard's disappearance, but no reliable leads were generated despite the fact that her stepfather, Carl Probyn, witnessed her kidnapping and chased the kidnappers on his mountain bike. Dugard remained missing until , when a convicted sex offender, Phillip Garrido, visited the campus of the University of California, Berkeley , accompanied by two girls, now known to be his daughters, on August 24 and 25 that year. The unusual behavior of the trio sparked an investigation that led Garrido's parole officer to order him to take the two girls to a parole office in Concord, California , on August He was accompanied by a woman who finally identified as Dugard herself. Phillip and Nancy Garrido were arrested by police after Dugard's reappearance. On April 28, , they pleaded guilty to kidnapping and assaulting Dugard.

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