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miss honey matilda roald dahl

Matilda Quotes by Roald Dahl

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Matilda (1996) - A Loving Family Scene (10/10) - Movieclips

Miss Jennifer Honey was a mild and quiet person who never raised her voice and was seldom seen to smile, but there is no doubt she possessed that rare gift for being adored by every small child under her care.

Jennifer Honey

Think of the exchange in James and the Giant Peach where the insects tell James amazing facts about themselves, like the earthworm who swallows and excretes every single piece of soil in the field stuck with me that one. There were tall trees here and there on either side, oak and sycamore and ash and occasionally a sweet chestnut. Instead we find out some secrets about Miss Honey who, it turns out, lives in penury in a tiny red-brick farm labourers cottage. She was a bit frightened of this place now. It seemed so unreal and remote and fantastic and so totally away from this earth. It was like an illustration in Grimm or Hans Andersen. It was straight out of a fairy-tale.

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Unlike her other family members, who are selfish and dull, Matilda is a precocious child with a love of books and a high aptitude for mathematics. Her overwhelming mental power leads her to develop telekinetic abilities which she perfects to defeat the cruel headmistress, Miss Trunchbull and help her teacher Miss Honey. Though she is clearly uniquely gifted, Matilda remains an extremely likable and humble young girl. Miss Honey is a shy, sweet woman and is beloved by all of her students, especially Matilda. Miss Honey acts as a motherly figure as well as a confidant to the young girl. She is also the legal guardian of Miss Honey.

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  1. Miss Honey appears in Roald Dahl's Matilda, since adapted into a film () and a musical ().

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