Inventions that should be real

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inventions that should be real

Invention Quotes (245 quotes)

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Published 18.12.2018

Genius Inventions That Should Already Exist Everywhere 「 funny photos 」

10 strange inventions that could exist in 10 years

One time, I invented socks. True story! I was getting ready to leave the house and I was about to put on these killer but deeply painful shoes. As I prematurely mourned the foot-skin I was about to part ways with over the course of the day, I had an epiphany: "Someone," I thought, "should invent, like, a lining that goes over your foot to protect it from shoes. I invented socks, like a boss. A boss with no awareness of very basic, clearly-already-invented things. Upon realizing what I had mentally stumbled into, I was chagrined but not steered off course.

TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. Fans of the Back to the Future trilogy may have noticed last week that Nike produced 1, pairs of the iconic glowing, self-lacing boots which appeared in the second of the three Back to the Future movies. In the movie, Fox had to wear a battery pack with wires running down his leg for the self-lacing mechanism to work, so this feature was actually omitted on the Nike replicas due to the impracticality of the design. Among its other features are a slow-motion and volume control facility…just think what you could do with all of that. It would be a pretty awesome contraption to have:. It can be used on anyone, and they will automatically see things from the perspective of the person that fires the gun. A car that works underwater as well as on land.

Mythbuster Adam Savage Has Made a Bag, and It's Beautiful

Dominic Wilcox dreamt up hilarious new inventions that we'd like to see as reality. Here's a flying London Taxi, to get around all that traffic. Tired of carrying your luggage? Here's a walking suitcase that will follow just behind you. Future and past viewing binoculars allow you to see what the future or past looks like. The reverse listening machine lets users listen to noises on the right through their left ear, and sounds on the left through their right ear. A bugle alarm clock powered by a mini compressor will wake you up from the deepest slumbers.

Apparently, the human race still has a long way to go. They're made from agar agar, which can be thrown into the grass when finished as a nurturing agent for plantlife. Your next backyard BBQ just got way easier to clean up after. By design collective Sibling. It uses electrolysis to eliminate harmful bacteria in everything from fruits, veggies, kitchen appliances as well as baby bottles and chew toys — all without chemical detergents.

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