Telling my brother about my period

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telling my brother about my period

My Brothers Shadow by Monika Schröder

As World War I draws to a close in 1918, German citizens are starving and suffering under a repressive regime. Sixteen-year-old Moritz is torn. His father died in the war and his older brother still risks his life in the trenches, but his mother does not support the patriotic cause and attends subversive socialist meetings. While his mother participates in the revolution to sweep away the monarchy, Moritz falls in love with a Jewish girl who also is a socialist. When Moritzs brother returns home a bitter, maimed war veteran, ready to blame Germanys defeat on everything but the old order, Moritz must choose between his allegiance to his dangerously radicalized brother and those who usher in the new democracy.
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Period Chat With My Brothers: Part 2 - Women's Health Series

My mom never told her about periods because she thought she would tell her at the time of her first period. So being a elder brother I had to.
Monika Schröder

How do I tell my brother I'm on my period and he needs to buy me tampons?

This is not made easier by the fact that, even now, there is still so much secrecy surrounding periods and it remains something of a taboo subject. I was the last girl in my class to start and I felt they were all in this club together and I was aching to be a part of it. It finally happened after a PE class. I was wearing a games skirt and we went to get changed back into normal clothes when this girl started pointing at my leg. It was and sex education consisted of a short talk where we were given a packet of tampons which we soaked in water. My step mum had never told me about periods.

When did you get your first period? What I most remember is the bulky cardboard tampon applicator I had to work with. But now I use tampons and pads from LOLA , a feminine care start-up run by two women who are changing the game. I unwrapped it, sat down and pushed out the applicator at least six inches from my body! It fell on the floor. Somehow I expected it to go where it needed to go, like a guided missile. I would pretend I had cramps, and take pads into the girls bathroom when everyone else did.

Sign up or log in to share. You both are family, sweetie, siblings, and in a predicament such as the Visitor who has come calling, now is not the time to put your bro on a back burner. Tell him you have your "Friend" and could he just pick you up a box of tampons? I realize that at your tender age that this is most embarrassing, but don't worry, bro knows what this is and I am sure when he gets married someday, his own bride will be sending him down to the nearest pharmacy for a quick lickety split inside and out because this to GuysIs so awkward and embarrassing Good luck. How about something like "I sorry to have to ask this, because I know it isn't something guys like doing. I don't feel well, and I really need you to go to the store and pick up some tampons.


It was a Wednesday night, American Idol was going to be on. My mother was laying on the couch half asleep. I had just turned ten years old in November.

My mom was standing outside the bathroom trying to explain it to me and I think I was yelling at her! So I took my underwear and went downstairs to show my grandmother. I panicked and texted my mom. I went to the toilet oblivious to what was happening. To my surprise I found blood in my pants and freaked out! I knew vaguely of periods but felt very unprepared. I messaged my girlfriends for reassurance, and I discovered that my best friend had also started that night!

I was years-old when I got my first period. We were on a family vacation, and I told no one. Two whole years. My flow increased after a couple cycles, and those handmade pads soon grew insufficient. When I was 14, my mom grew concerned.

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