Why was king henry viii famous

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why was king henry viii famous

Henry VIII of England Quotes (Author of Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn)

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Facts About King Henry VIII That Schools Did Not Want You To Know!

The life and reign of King Henry VIII

Fun might not be quite the word his six wives would have used but you know at once who it refers to. He is the tyrant who caused the break with Rome and sent saintly Sir Thomas More to his untimely death. His elder brother, Arthur, was the heir to the throne. Hampton Court Palace will forever be linked to Henry, ever since he took the pleasure palace on the banks of the Thames from his chief minister Cardinal Wolsey and rebuilt it. She died soon afterwards. Four years later Wolsey was on his way to the Tower of London , while the king, with barely a backward glance, made it his principal home. Here his son, Edward VI, was baptised.

He famously married a series of six wives in his search for political alliance, marital bliss and a healthy male heir. His desire to annul his first marriage without papal approval led to the creation of a separate Church of England. While his older brother Arthur was being prepared for the throne, Henry was steered toward a church career, with a broad education in theology, music, languages, poetry and sports. Arthur had been betrothed since age 2 to Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of the Spanish rulers Ferdinand and Isabella, and in November of the teenage couple were married. Months later, Arthur died of a sudden illness. Over the next 15 years, while Henry fought three wars with France, Catherine bore him three sons and three daughters, all but one of whom died in infancy. The sole survivor was Mary later Mary I , born in


Henry is best known for his six marriages , in particular his efforts to have his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled. His disagreement with the Pope on the question of such an annulment led Henry to initiate the English Reformation , separating the Church of England from papal authority.

Anne Boleyn m. He is perhaps one of England's most famous monarchs because he and Thomas Cromwell the Archbishop of Canterbury split from the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope , and he married six times. He had an elder brother, who was called Arthur, Prince of Wales , and two sisters, who were called Margaret and Mary. Arthur should have been king after their father died, but he died before his father, making Henry next in line for the throne. Henry married Arthur's widow, Catherine of Aragon.

After his argument with Rome over his marriage to Catherine of Aragon he broke with the Catholic Church and aligned himself with the new Protestant religion. The older Mary Boleyn was almost certainly one of his many mistresses when Henry was a young man. After being hit on the head during a joust, Henry was unconscious for 2 hours during which he was thought to be dead. Some medical experts believe the blow resulted in a personality changing brain injury — he seeks to have changed from an athletic and sporty young man to the paranoid tyrant we now think him to be around this time. Henry had a habit of relying heavily on key advisors, but then falling out and then executing them.

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