Words to describe a hedgehog

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words to describe a hedgehog

The Elegance of the Hedgehog Quotes by Muriel Barbery

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There are 14 species of hedgehogs. All prefer animal food, such as insects, but will eat plant material. There are nine species of spiny hedgehogs. They have short, barbless spines on the back, a round body, small head, pointed face, and little or no tail, and range from 4 in 10 cm to 17 in 44 cm long. There are five species of hairy hedgehog; all are Asian. They have coarse guard hairs, but no spines and are extremely malodorous. The common hairy hedgehog may be 18 in 46 cm long and have a in 30 cm tail.

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  1. Use "descriptive words" a lot? You can Things hedgehog often describes (“ hedgehog ______”) How hedgehog often is described (“______ hedgehog”).

  2. How hedgehogs often is described (“______ hedgehogs”). young, little, european, many, live, african, true, sea, small, wild, few, more, dead, green, german.

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