Robin miller food network recipes

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robin miller food network recipes

Robin to the Rescue: Quick & Simple Recipes for Delicious Home Cooking by Robin Miller

200 time-saving recipes from bestselling cookbook author and Food Network celebrity chef Robin Miller that allow you to Quick Fix It your way to get home-cooked meals on the table every night, no matter what your schedule.Robin to the Rescue contains recipes organized by course/main ingredient so you can find recipes for what youre in the mood for fast. For ease of planning, each recipe says how long it will take to prep, active cooking time, and walk-away time (the time a dish can be left to cook without your supervision). A new feature for this book will be that each recipe will allow you to Quick Fix it your way, namely it will tell you how a particular recipe can be turned into a Meal Kit; prepared in a slow cooker; doubled up so you can bank a batch in your freezer for nights when you have no time for meal preparation at all, aside from pushing buttons on the microwave; and/or morphed into another meal you can enjoy later in the week. Robin to the Rescue is a uniquely versatile book, allowing the reader to tailor recipe prep to her own particular needs.
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Role Mommy Meets Food Network Host Robin Miller

I don't know about you, but TV cooking shows changed my life.
Robin Miller

Robin Miller (chef)

She currently lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her two sons. Robin was a contributor to Cooking Light and her work has appeared in other health and fitness publications. Robin co-hosts the show with her friend Katie Workman and together they tackle real life cooking challenges and kitchen conundrums we all face every day. In each episode, they dish up delicious, simple recipes, offer time-saving tricks and techniques, share quite a few confessions, and have a LOT of laughs along the way. The theme of Miller's cooking show Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller is to provide strategies on how to prepare "stress-free" meals. Robin has been a guest on hundreds of local and national television and radio programs.

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