Israel a colonial settler state

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israel a colonial settler state

Israel: A Colonial-Settler State by Maxime Rodinson

Examines the Zionist colonization of Palestine and how the State of Israel was formed.

Places the history of Zionism and Israel in the perspective of European expansion and colonialism in the Third World and upholds the view, accepted by most Arabs, that Israel is indeed a colonial-settler state imposed by force on an unwilling Palestinian population . . . . [P]rovides abundant documentation . . . . Recommended generally for libraries with Middle East collections.-Choice

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Israelis: Is Israel a colonialist state?

Israel Is a Settler Colonial State - and That's OK

This article is an attempt to apply the Settler Colonial paradigm to the analysis of the Israeli official-Zionist historiography. This approach leads to identify the Zionist ideology as a settler colonial one and the Zionist historiography as the academic support to the Zionist project. Baruch, K. Academic history caught in the cross fire: the case of Israeli-Jewish historiography. History and Memory, 7 1 , Israeli historiography revisited, Dubnow, S. Jewish History.

Over the years tons of ink have been expended on the seemingly interminable issue of the Palestinians and Israel. The Association for Israel Studies lists thirteen affiliated institutes and departments of Israel Studies; there are eight Institutes of Palestine Studies in the world. Plus journals specializing in Palestine and Israel, dozens of international conferences on specific issues around Israel and Palestine and thousands of articles in a wide variety of journals. What else could be added to the analysis? In the end, analysis matters. Seemingly arcane discussions of issues in academic language impenetrable to most readers and outside the activist discourse at time spawn ways of conceiving the political situation that open up new possibilities of reaching a political settlement while eliminating others. Such is the power of settler colonialism, a relatively recent focus of study, maybe twenty years old.

After 50 years of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, the situation on the ground cannot be described as being any less than catastrophic for the Palestinians. This is a situation that can reasonably be described as a continuation of the Nakba. First, the Palestinians in East Jerusalem are losing their residency rights, facing house and land confiscations and also house demolitions. Second, the 2 million Palestinians in Gaza live under constant attacks, imprisoned in their tiny km2 strip, which they cannot use at all, representing one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Third, in the West Bank, Area C i Bedouins and farmers are subjected to ongoing processes of evacuation, land confiscations, settlement expansion and settler attacks.

In this incisive essay, Mazime Rodinson, of the the West's foremost Mideast scholars, argues that despite its unique features, Zionism fits into the general pattern.
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Maxime Rodinson seems to have a knack for being timely. The release of the book in an English version this year barely predated the outbreak of the current war. His treatise is a slim but weighty volume discussing the roots of the current mess in the tortured Middle East.

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The first is to insist that Corbyn is the victim of a nefarious Jewish conspiracy to smear and discredit him with mendacious allegations. Taking Professor Ian Almond as one example, Cohen writes:. This argument has historically been the preserve of anti-democratic ideologies and regimes. If Israel should, as Almond. If Israel is to be portrayed as a rogue state of global proportions, whose inhabitants have essentially fabricated their historical and spiritual links to the territory which they now occupy at the expense of the indigenous Arabs, how can such an argument possibly avoid anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish wealth, Jewish political influence, and ingrained Jewish exclusivism? And if the Palestinians are to be portrayed as ongoing victims of ethnic cleansing by Jews and Jews alone , then how can one neatly separate the opposition to Zionism from anti-Semitism? If Almond and those who agree with him want to protect diaspora Jewish communities [from anti-Semitism] and achieve concrete progress for the Palestinians, the proper question they should ask themselves is whether their discourse about Israel is helping either of those goals.

Settler colonialism is a form of colonialism which seeks to replace the original population of the colonized territory with a new society of settlers. As with all forms of colonialism, it is based on exogenous domination, typically organized or supported by an imperial authority. Unlike other forms of colonialism, the imperial power does not always represent the same nationality as the settlers. Normal colonialism typically ends eventually, whereas settler colonialism lasts indefinitely, except in the rare event of complete evacuation or settler decolonization. Settler colonialism is generally discussed in terms of the one-way flow of British values, which overtake and repudiate the culture and history of the location in question. Legal proceedings in Australia and Canada have challenged settler rights, highlighting the lasting effects of colonial takeover, and the continued displacement of Indigenous peoples at the start of the twenty-first century. Settler colonialism has occurred extensively throughout human history, including in the ancient world.

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