La creation du monde painting

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la creation du monde painting

La Création Du Monde, Les Eaux by Jean Effel

Jean Effel, real name François Lejeune (12 February 1908, Paris – 10 October 1982) was a French painter, caricaturist, illustrator and journalist. Mostly he considered himself to be a journalist and political commentator. His pseudonym is created by his initials F. L.

Effel was born in Paris and graduated in art, music and philosophy. Despite all efforts and wishes of his father to take over his merchant trade, Effel chose path of a professional artist. Often he drew for French newspaper lHumanité and he is also author of illustrations of Jean de La Fontaine fables.

The cartoon cycle The Creation of the World is considered to be his greatest work. It was [ filmed in 1957 by director E. Hofman). The entire cycle includes five books: Le Ciel et la Terre (Sky and earth), Les Plantes et Animaux (Plants and animals), LHomme (Man), La Femme (Woman) and Le Roman dAdam et Eve (Story of Adam and Eve). Among his important works are also the collection of anti-fascist caricatures from 1935 and the book of cartoons When Animals Still Talked from 1953.

Effels paintings are easily readable, fresh, humorous and novel, and carry his recognizable curly signature often with a little daisy in the lower right corner that shows the authors kind view of the world.

Jean Effel had close relation to the USSR and Czechoslovakia, and was the longstanding chairman of the Company of French-Czechoslovak Friendship. He received the Lenin Peace Prize in 1967. He died in Paris in 1982.

Jean Effel was celebrated by the French Postal service in a 4FF stamp issued on 5 October 1983.
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Performance Artist Reenacts the Painting 'The Origin Of The World'

La Creation Du Monde by Fernand Léger.

Etrange… me disais-je. This work was the main pivot in a daring but by no means vulgar series on feminine voluptuousness:. So true to life, without trickery and of an insolent beauty, never before had an artist put such burning, carnal and lifelike desire into a painting. Alas, this miracle of sensuality only survived intact for three months. It was revealed with the utmost secrecy to the very rich Turk, Khalil-bey, who immediately wished to acquire it. However, when historical and technical proof comes to the surface, can one continue to deceive the public by the denial of a creation and thus sacrifice the History of Art on the altar of Cupidity?

Other art by Jean Claude Barthel. View all artworks by Jean Claude Barthel. Connectez-vous pour laisser un commentaire Sign in. Are you interested in using this image for your website, your communication, or to sell prints? You may acquire a licence based on your usage, you will be able to download the image immediately after your payment. All images on Artmajeur are original works of art created by artists, all rights are strictly reserved.

Warfare has, of course, long provided subjects for art works. Historical subjects were considered amongst the noblest that an artist could hope to tackle and many include kings and generals dominating the battlefield or directing warfare from the decks of their naval vessels. Furthermore, apart from the histrionic oil painting, drawing enabled representations of war of a more documentary nature, which, reproduced in the press, were used to inform, impress or move the public until the development of photography. However, the World War Two art productions examined here display a certain number of characteristics which make them different in nature from many earlier works representing war. They were nevertheless much more numerous during the Second World War and tackled different subjects, most notably those concerning the home front.

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To paint La Creation Du Monde we begin with a blank artist canvas and draw the outlines of what we will paint in charcoal, then we start to paint it, we use an artist palette, different paint brushes, quality oil paints and a mahl stick to steady the hand. They painted it that way, and we likewise paint it that way. Since oil paint needs time to dry in certain areas before continuing or before adding more paint layers, we can not rush this procedure, thus it takes about three to four weeks to complete by hand, depending on the complexity. Read in more detail about the process in our studio and our artists section. If you want to see this reproduction oil painting in your home or office before ordering, arrange for a free virtual art mock-up photograph of this artwork. Oil painting reproductions take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Twetter Partager. Du grand art. Le tableau ne provoque plus comme avant, mais il bouscule encore, et embarrasse quand il ne heurte pas. Ils essayaient de regarder ailleurs, ou baissaient les yeux. Ils nous a tous bien eus! The man thought to have commissioned the picture, a wealthy Turkish-Egyptian diplomat named Khalil Bey, kept it hung behind a green cover in his private dressing room. In , it passed into the hands of a Hungarian collector, Baron Ferenc Hatvany, who kept it under lock and key in his town house in Budapest.

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