Juicy secrets to tell someone

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juicy secrets to tell someone

Juicy Secrets by Victoria Ashton

I was meant to be the committee chair of the benefit, and I will be, Cameron Warner announced. And youre going to help me. No way, Cameron, Adrienne Lewis said. We had a deal, remember? Cameron pointed her perfectly manicured finger at Adrienne. What deal? Adrienne asked innocently, but she cringed inside. Shed hoped Cameron had forgotten their conversation at the Manhattan Cotillion. You help me dethrone Princess Mimi, Cameron crooned. And I let you in on the secret Parker Devlin is keeping from your gal-pal Liz. And, believe me, this is something she oughtta know. Adrienne sighed. Cameron could make her life hell, as she had in the past. Fine, Ill help you, Adrienne said. So what is this secret of Parkers? No, no, no. Cameron smiled her evil, megawatt smile. First you help me. Then I help you. There are secrets everywhere . . . After-school nanny Liz Brauns wealthy boyfriend, Parker Devlin, has a secret--one so scandalous that he wont share it with Liz. When the secret is finally blown wide open on the evening news, all of Parkers so-called friends dump him. Hurt, Parker pulls away from Liz--the one person who can actually help him. Eight-year-old Emma Warner, the little girl Adrienne Lewis takes care of after school, has a secret too. And she says its about Adrienne! What could Emma know? Evil Cameron Warner has many secrets, but her two juiciest ones are about Parkers sordid extracurricular activities and about Adrienne!
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People shared juicy secrets they've never told a soul. I tell people (if they ask) that I lost my top set of teeth to a genetic problem but the truth.
Victoria Ashton

29 Juicy Secrets That Could Ruin People’s Lives

Best friends are for having someone to cry with when Sons of Anarchy ends. Best friends are irreplaceable, and super important. Which is why we can trust them with just about anything. Including a vat of the juiciest, most secret-iest secrets, ever. Here are some of the many secrets you can totally spill to them:. That time you pretended you were fluent in Latin and claimed you were a big fan of the ballet production of Anna Karenina?

After a week hiatus from Secrets because we just did a Halloweeny text question of the day last week instead of Secrets we are back and asking you to give us a big ole juicy one! Sign In.
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My husband is a great listener. I trust him and love him. I plan to be married to him for the rest of my life. But my husband is not Elizabeth. Elizabeth is one of my oldest friends and she is the holder of all my deepest secrets. It isn't that I don't think my husband will understand, exactly, but Elizabeth has known me for almost two decades. She's known every adult version of me, and there are just some times where it is easier to confide in her.

We all have secrets we've been holding onto for the majority of our adults lives. Whether it's a small regret, like eating from the pie your grandma made years ago and then blaming it on your younger sibling, or something bigger like the last words a dying relative said to you, these secrets we're taking to the grave often eat us up on the inside. And even though there's no person on the face of the planet we'd open up to about them, the vastness and anonymity of the internet often make it feel like a safe space. Nineteen people opened up about private anecdotes they'd never tell a soul but felt comfortable sharing with strangers on the web. The secrets range from hilarious to heart-breaking, but they all have one thing in common: they're pretty darn juicy.

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