How to think about god all the time

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how to think about god all the time

A.W. Tozer Quotes (Author of The Pursuit of God)

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Published 06.12.2018

Learning To Think Like Jesus with Rick Warren

Training Your Mind to Think God-Thoughts

For many of us, we equate meditation with that great sculpture The Thinker by Auguste Rodin. But meditation is far from just taking a seat, thinking and doing nothing. Rather, meditation is reflecting, considering, pondering and contemplating. This is an active, deliberate effort to do something involving both mind and heart. And to follow this with action. Our minds and imaginations run constantly.

My personal experience is that without transcendence, life has no beauty. In order to live a full life, it is necessary to go beyond all boundaries. There are other realities that exist besides the reality you can see, touch and hear with your physical senses. These are the higher dimensions that your Higher Self lives in. These realities are very real; your Higher Self, other people's Higher Selves, and many high beings live there. Well, if suddenly you become conscious within of something very different and much higher, then whatever it may be, this will be a spiritual experience.

Connecting the Bible and its Lands to Life

N ot long ago, I forgot the birthday of a good friend. After I looked back at my calendar, I saw the problem. I neglected to set up a reminder for the important day. We overlook significant things in our lives often because of our busyness—not because of our apathy. Unaware as it happens, we can allow our busy lives to crowd out our devotion to God. But before we know it, we replace a devotion to the Lord with a devotion to His blessings. And in a sad, twisted irony, those blessings become our focus instead of the God who gave them.

Want to speak in tongues? Get my free, printable how-to guide here! Give me the guide! In this chapter, we find Paul and Silas in a very difficult and dire situation. Then, they had their feet clamped in stocks.

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