Bokura ga ita live action ending

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bokura ga ita live action ending

僕等がいた 16 [Bokura ga Ita 16] (We Were There, #16) by Yuuki Obata

So i was reading along, thinking this would be your average slice of life shojo manga. I generally like that genre, and even though the guy love interest was a little needy and annoying and there was some slut shaming of his dead girlfriend i was managing to enjoy it enough to continue.

Then the big gap happened. If youve read it you know that theres a five year period where boyfriend just drops off the map, doesnt tell anyone where he is, if hes alive, anything. Just gone. Now if it were me, that would be the point where I say forget that loser, Im better then this and move on, but noooo. Apparently boyfriend is so special and damaged that she cannot forget him and chastely waits until he will some day come back. And I use the word chaste on purpose here, because despite the fact that they dated for over a year they do not have sex. They almost do, twice, but never actually get there. And then since shes waiting for him she still doesnt have sex, even after she starts dating his best friend and pretty much living with him. With the fact that the first (now dead) girlfriend is painted as a whore (the word is actually used by boyfriend in regards to her) it makes for some creepy parallels.

Oh and the reason boyfriend ran away? It seems to be a mix of needing to be needed/help the emotionally weak and also a fear of being actually loved. Hows that for baggage? Yeah, I think teens would like this series, but it was too melodramatic and had way to many broken relationships/people for me. Real adult relationships are so far away from whats shown in this book that they look like completely different species.

I guess I did find it entertaining enough to finish it though...
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Bokura ga Ita MV -- Sky's Still Blue

Bokura ga Ita

Based on what I mentioned before on my review regarding on the first part, you may watch the two movies with English subtitles in dramacrazy. It started ever since his mom been hospitalized after getting fired on her job and Yano started working while studying, caused him to take medicine pills. Having trouble with his studies, mother, and Nanami Takahashi, he decided to see his girlfriend even just for a short time, although his mother was already scared thinking as if Michiko will steal him away from her. She committed suicide and Yano pleased Takeuchi over Nanami. For Yano, he killed his own mother. In any matter, Takeuchi hid it to her for 3 years. His girl best friend, Akiko Sengenji, understood his situation.

The last part with english subtitle is available now on dramacrazy. Check it! If U know the answer, write below! I just found the second part online! I felt as if

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According to Mainichi news, manga "Bokura ga Ita" will be concluded in Betsu Comi March issue to be released on February 13th The two-part live action fil Dec 12, PM by dtshyk Discuss 21 comments. According to Shogakukan, Obata Yuuki's manga Bokura ga Ita was announced to be getting a live action movie adaptation. Its TV Anime series was aired in Mar 11, PM by dtshyk Discuss 33 comments. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit?

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